I’m not sure if this is a DW specific question or not.

I’m not sure if this is a DW specific question or not.

I’m not sure if this is a DW specific question or not. What is #MagicItemMonday and #RangerWeek all about? I see these things popping up but I haven’t heard of them in other places. Is this unique to the DW Tavern or? If it isn’t, is there a master list I can look up of the different tags? Looks like there are a lot of awesome freebies I am missing out on =(

#RangerWeek   (the banner is still up)

#RangerWeek   (the banner is still up)

#RangerWeek   (the banner is still up)

Alternate Ranger based on the Game of Thrones Skinwalkers. May contain spoilers. 

Originally shared by Scott Velez

Thought I shared this before, but I guess i didn’t. Was fooling around with the ranger chassis after watching the Game of Thrones premier. Super Duper rough, and I may not ever return to unless I get it in my head to write a GoT playbook set, but an example of what you can build in DW with existing moves as a base. 

Comments or derision are equally welcome, go nuts

#RangerWeek  – Is this move a good idea?

#RangerWeek  – Is this move a good idea?

#RangerWeek  – Is this move a good idea? 

New Ranger Level 6-10 Move 

Shared Bond 

You get a new Bond 

_____ and my animal companion really have bonded 

The person named in that bond can use the Command move with your animal companion. 

#RangerWeek   #compendiumclassidea

#RangerWeek   #compendiumclassidea

#RangerWeek   #compendiumclassidea  

The true friend

When you have a dog as an animal companion 

Man’s best friend

When you and your dog stand in defense of someone or something roll to defend as usual. On a hit, gain +1 hold. If your dog is trained to guard ignore whatever hold you get and gain hold equal to your dogs ferocity. 

Additional Moves 

Puppy dog eyes 

If you want and NPC to think of you as unthreatening or as adorably cute by making puppy dog eyes at them, roll+CHA

On a hit it works but on a 7-9 it won’t for long. 


When your dog stands vigilent over your dead body, don’t roll last breath as you can still cling to life until it leaves its watch. 

What is it Lessie? 

When you send your dog out looking for trouble, roll+WIS

On a 10+ your dog comes back before you get into trouble and its warning is understandable. On a 7-9 choose 1 

– The warning is cryptic and difficult to understand without context

– Your dog comes back before you are in too deep trouble

Everwatchful sentry 

Your dog gets guard training. In addition add this to your command Move

– … and you Take Watch, add it’s cunning to your roll 

A last breath for #rangerweek  – in yesterday’s game, the ranger was clobbered by a brutish ogre and found herself…

A last breath for #rangerweek  – in yesterday’s game, the ranger was clobbered by a brutish ogre and found herself…

A last breath for #rangerweek  – in yesterday’s game, the ranger was clobbered by a brutish ogre and found herself in front of her combined deity and afterlife, the tree of life and death.

She took the bargain (rolled an 8) and was returned to life, but now could only gain sustenance from ‘the lifeblood of the trees’ – fresh tree sap tastes like the sweetest ambrosia to her now, but any other food turns to ash in her mouth.

Naturally, when she levelled up at the end of the session the player felt compelled to take god amidst the wastes. Fun times!

#RangerWeek   #backgrounds

#RangerWeek   #backgrounds

#RangerWeek   #backgrounds  

What is your relationship to your animal companion 

It is deeply loyal

When you take damage, your animal companion takes +2 ferocity forward. 

Psychic Bond

When you close your eyes and concentrate on your companion, you can see through their eyes. 

negligible Ressource 

When your animal companion dies, you can spend two days and 50 coins to find a new animal companion matching the area you are in

Your best friend

When you endanger your life to safe your animal companion get +1 forward. 

Host to primal spirits

Add half-spirit to your animal companions strengths. 

#RangerWeek   #game

#RangerWeek   #game

#RangerWeek   #game  

The Special Trick Game 

I nearly forgot about the MOST! FUN! of Ranger Week! 

You see there is a nice little LEvel 6-10 Move for the Ranger. 

Special Trick

Choose a move from another class. So long as you are working with your animal companion you have access to that move.

Now we will turn that move into a game. 

Here is how it works

#1 Someone posts a move.

#2 Someone else explains how your animal helps you to do that move.

#3 They post a new move.

As we can clearly see there are some weird weird combinations you can do with this move. Some things are pretty obvious

Bend Bars, Lift Gates

– Me and my bear can power through that object together and destroy nearly everything if we just use teamwork. 

Others are a bit more silly 

Flexible Morals

– As long as i am together with my owl, people can’t seem to read me. 


So lets start with this: 

The Fighter Move Interrogator 




All you ever wanted to know about Animal Companions

(or at least i am trying) 

What can you do with an animal companion?

To answer this simple question we just have to look at the command move 


When you work with your animal companion on something it’s trained in…

…and you attack the same target, add its ferocity to your damage

…and you track, add its cunning to your roll

…and you take damage, add its armor to your armor

…and you discern realities, add its cunning to your roll

…and you parley, add its cunning to your roll

…and someone interferes with you, add its instinct to their roll

so all they do is to give you little mechanical bonuses to your moves right? 


The first thing you need to think about is that your AC is an actual animal that is actually there. It has needs and instincts and thinks it can do. If you have a bear companion you have a bear! It can knock down things, it can roar loudly, it can will scare peasants away, It is a freaking bear. 

Your animal companion is a living, breathing animal that can do everything its species can do (plus the thing it is trained in). 

This gives you a lot of opportunities for fictional positioning that other classes simply don’t get. 

I don’t think you want your animal companion to work like this in the game: 


But what does command actually do? 

Okay, let’s talk about command shall we? 

The first part of the move is the trigger: 

When you work with your animal companion on something it’s trained in

There are multiple parts to this. 

#1 You have to work together with your animal companion. It is not a static boost but something you need to explain in the fiction. When you and your wolf attack the same Owlbear (wolf-pack tactics yeah!) you get the bonus damage. It represents the wolf attacking and damaging the Owlbear. If you search for something your AC needs to do it together with you. 

This can actually limit what you can do too. Your AC might be busy right now or simply not willing to do it. It might not even be able to help you in the task. If you have a rat companion – how does it attack  the owlbear in a meaningful way? (I would like for people to post examples here) 

#2 It needs to be trained in the thing you are doing 

To repeat, every AC is able to attack humanoids. Then you get extra trainings equal to the cunning of the AC. The trainings are: 

Hunt, search, scout, guard, fight monsters, perform, labor, travel

So what training do you need for what bonus? 

That depends really. If you want to damage the before mentioned owlbear (i hate owlbears today) your AC needs to be trained to fight monsters or at least hunt. If you want it to help in defending yourself from the magical terrorbeast then fight monster or guarding might both qualify you for that. 

If you want the Bonus to Discern Realities then it is probably scout or search training, depending on what exactly and how you are doing it. 

In short, don’t think you can actually reliably get all the benefits of the control move. You probably won’t at level 1. 




Compendium Classes for the aspiring Ranger 

Hey Ranger fans! 

I just thought i’d share a few compendium classes fitting for a Ranger. 

The Wild One

A Ranger that starts to behave more and more like his animal companion and who forgoes civilization to get closer to their wild side. 


The Giant Killer 

A hunter of giants and other large humanoid creatures. 


The Arcane Archer

For the bow-ranger that just wants something extra 


For #rangerweek  a Mini-adventure

For #rangerweek  a Mini-adventure

For #rangerweek  a Mini-adventure


The ranger’s companion starts to exhibit unexpected behavior, culminating in openly taking something of value and slowly moving toward some distant destination.


The companion is actively trying to get their ranger to follow.


* What strange force does the companion need the ranger’s help to protect?