Compendium Classes for the aspiring Ranger 

Hey Ranger fans! 

I just thought i’d share a few compendium classes fitting for a Ranger. 

The Wild One

A Ranger that starts to behave more and more like his animal companion and who forgoes civilization to get closer to their wild side. 


The Giant Killer 

A hunter of giants and other large humanoid creatures. 


The Arcane Archer

For the bow-ranger that just wants something extra 


6 thoughts on “#RangerWeek”

  1. very nice!!!what you think about play a campaign in a Ranger academy with all rangers?I know that we must start only with different class but if I use compendium class due to different background…and add just another class like teacher…?

  2. Are all graduates of ranger school rangers? Or are there some that learned more about natural poisons and sneaking and trap building? Or those with magical talent that learn to channel the power of the nature spirit I to healing or shapechanging spells?

  3. All graduates(but thanks background could be different rangers type) and maybe 1 teacher as i told before…I have this idea since long time ago but in DW is not possible start “only one class” campaign …or maybe yes 🙂

  4. I was asking for game rules interpretation and not for sarcasm (even the best)…i don’t care about turningdead and I never judged other people ideas…so if you have constructive comments you are welcome otherwise you are considered only noise…and i have dolby system 🙂

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