I’ve been working on my biggest project yet and would love to get some feedback on it from the Tavern before we go.

I’ve been working on my biggest project yet and would love to get some feedback on it from the Tavern before we go.

I’ve been working on my biggest project yet and would love to get some feedback on it from the Tavern before we go.


“Hunt for the Daedalus” is a Sci-Fi Adventure for Dungeon World inspired by Timothy Zahn’s novel “The Icarus Hunt”. It’s a collection of fronts, custom moves, and cherry-picked adaptations of some of my favourite DW content. As a whole, it is set up to be a fast paced, high stakes chase across the stars: where the PC’s race against a ticking clock and overwhelming odds trying to evade capture on their way back to earth with a mysterious and valuable cargo.

If you’re interested in providing some feedback here is a list of specific things I’m hoping to get your advice on:

– In general, how clear is it? I’m trying to leave it open-ended but I also want to make sure I leave enough info so that GM’s will understand how to run the chase. Tips here on things to add, change, or clarify would be appreciated.

– Collaborative sector creation: this follows very closely to Jason Lutes mapping section in “The Perilous Wilds”. Credit is given at the end and I’ve made some effort to differentiate it from his work. However, I’m somewhat concerned that the resemblance between his excellent paid content and my free re-skinning is too close. Any suggestions for areas I could tweak, simplify, or expand to better suit my module and a sci-fi campaign in general?

– Special Moves: Thoughts? Advice on tweaks and clarifications? Also, the “Heat” move is an important aspect of the scenario but the mechanics are taken almost directly from the excellent “Scum and Villainy” which is not a creative commons work. Any suggestions on an alternate mechanic I could replace it with or tweaks/edits to make it more my own?

– Lastly, the latter quarter of the module is still unfinished. Any suggestions for things to include? Space monsters? Cool tables? Discoveries? Etc?

Any other feedback, ideas, questions, and comments greatly appreciated.

Thanks, everybody, I hope you enjoy checking out the adventure!

Don’t forget to bookmark this site before the final curtain! New, free adventures!

Don’t forget to bookmark this site before the final curtain! New, free adventures!

Don’t forget to bookmark this site before the final curtain! New, free adventures!

Trilemma Adventures

With a single post, Mandy Morbid has done more to improve my optimism about the gaming community than any single act I can remember. As is overwhelmingly the case when someone abused calls out an abuser with status, influence, and the wherewithal to weaponize them, this will no doubt cause Mandy a great deal of energy, pain, and trouble.



Heya! Below is a series of three dungeon starters designed to be played in conjunction with Funnel World, by Jason Lutes. This content isn’t QUITE the final version (I’d like to do another edit and add some finalized art) but I wanted to share it here while I still have the chance.


A variety of custom moves to improve your game

Alternate rules for villager creation

Three adventures meant to inspire play and test your villagers resolve

A variety of random tables to use how you will.



This is the last of the “incomplete one page dungeon conversions” i have now completed from my archive…A cool…

This is the last of the “incomplete one page dungeon conversions” i have now completed from my archive…A cool…

This is the last of the “incomplete one page dungeon conversions” i have now completed from my archive…A cool module for a “race against the clock” adventure to test the players!


The Eye of Gruumsh (Translated from French)

The Eye of Gruumsh (Translated from French)

The Eye of Gruumsh (Translated from French)


The characters are looking for a relic of the god Gruumsh they will give to the shaman of a tribe orc in exchange for the antidote to save one of their comrades from a deadly poison. The wizard that stole the Eye of Gruumsh lives in a remote location just under three hours south of a major city. Luckily for the characters, the owner is away and took with him 4 of his best men, but 5 others remained in his abode. The house is protected by a wall of 3 meters high.

The entrance is closed by an iron gate, near which was built a small hut. A hundred meters barely separates the entrance gate of the house. Another building, which seems to be a stable, stands at the edge of the path that connects the entrance to the house.

Inside the cabin permanently resides a caretaker, who patrols regularly every night and every morning, and is always accompanied by 2 mastiffs. The hut contains a bed, a table, a stove, and a rope that drives a bell on the roof. The man has in his pockets 17 coins. Even at night, the caretaker is often awake.

As for the stable, it contains five boxes. But, as previously stated, the wizard left with four of his men. The boxes are empty; so there is no horses; only hay and a pitchfork.

Ground floor

The roof of this large stone house is thatched. The building has two floors. All the windows of the ground floor are provided with bars and the floors of heavy wooden shutters. All is closed since the master of the place is gone.

1. Hall

The front door is solid oak 5 cm thick reinforced with large iron nails. It is closed from the inside by a solid metal crossbar. If the characters do not manage to open the door of the interior, they will have to make a Force roll to push it, which will inevitably involve the guards in Room 4.

2. Reserve

This is a pantry that contains food for ten people for at least a week. Mainly the foodstuffs are salted meat, cheese and bread.

3. Kitchen

This small room is equipped with all the necessary to concoct good dishes.

4. Guard Room 1

This is where the five men that the wizard left on his place during his absence. During the day, the guards (apart from the one at the entrance) spend their time here talking and drinking beer and wine. From midnight until the next day, they sleep. 4 guards are present and one of them has the key that opens the door of the cellar. They have 10, 11, 10 and 12 coins respectively. Aside from five straw mattresses, there is nothing very interesting here. If the characters ask them about Gruumsh’s Eye, they know that their employer came home with this relic, but has left without it. So it’s in the house, but they do not know where.

1st floor

5. Library

This large library houses a multitude of books, mostly history. None deals with magic.

6. Office

One piece of major furniture here, a very beautiful mahogany desk. In the drawers’ one can find about twenty leaves of virgin parchments, feathers and various inks.

7. Guard room

Similar to the previous guard room on the ground floor, except that its occupants are not there at the moment and there are only four benches. This is the dormitory for the four men who accompanied the magician to Egonzasthan.

2nd floor

Sorcerer’s apartments are located on the second floor of the house. The three doors of this floor are locked.

8. Bedroom 1.

A bedroom with furniture stripped but tasteful. It seems however not to be inhabited.

9. Bedroom 2.

Another bedroom that does not seem to be occupied by anyone currently.

10. Room 3.

This is the spy’s room. There are only a few items of furniture in this room, but all are of very good quality. Other than human-sized change clothes and two bags containing 600 coins, 100 coins and 6 small gems worth 40 coins in each bag but nothing else of interest.


11. Wine cellar

This cellar houses three barrels of beer and a shelf against the wall on which rest a dozen bottles of red wine of mediocre quality. The secret corridor passage from Room 13 only opens on the other side. It cannot be detected it or opened it from the cellar.

12. Cave

The door of this room is locked. One of the guards in Room 4 carries it on him. Inside this large room rest many bottles of fine wines as well as three large barrels of good beer. If a character conducts a search, he finds that a brick wall is not sealed and seems slightly sunk into the wall (press it and it opens the secret passage).

13. The Sorcerer’s Lair.

Its big room is a sinister look, and strange smells float in the air. On the multiple stables and shelves are Eye of Gruumsh as well as two potions, a grimoire and various material components. In a jar on a table, a right elf hand. And on the ground, a big locked iron chest. While the characters will be busy filling their pockets, 7 large spiders will attack them. Their bite does not represent a great danger; the problem with these small critters is their venom.

Potions are a climbing potion and a healing potion. The Grimoire is the magician’s spell book that contains many level 1 and 2 spells of the enchantment school, with all the material components needed. The elf’s right hand is useless item. The iron chest contains 2, 100 coins.

The Sorcerer’s Jewel

The Sorcerer’s Jewel

The Sorcerer’s Jewel

A “Map Not Required” Dungeon World Adventure by Mark Tygart


Inspired by the “Boinger and Zereth” short story The Sorcerer’s Jewel by Dr. Eric J. Holmes and the works of Edgar Allen Poe

Adventure Background

The young human had a map. Zereth had seen innumerable treasure maps, and he was not impressed with this one.

“Whoever sold you this, sire,” he said callously, tossing it down on the table between them, “did a poor job. The parchment isn’t even aged.”

“You wrong me, Sir Elf,” said the man, “for I never claimed this to be authentic. It was drawn yesterday; I saw it drawn myself.” The arched eyebrows of the black elf shot up on his forehead. “Drawn? By whom?”

“By Misteera the Medium.”

“At a séance?”

“Verily. The controlling spirit claimed to be one Yartoosh, a sorcerer dead these two thousand years.”

—The Sorcerer’s Jewel by John Eric Holmes (first published in Dragon #46, recently republished in Tales of Peril.)

To order Tales of Peril: https://grodog.blogspot.com/2017/06/how-to-order-tales-of-peril-and-other.html

A Slime Eternal

A Slime Eternal

A Slime Eternal

A classic one page dungeon by Duamn Figueroa Rassol


Conversion Notes for play with the tabletop RPG Dungeon World by Mark Tygart



Something has happened in Lady Bellerose’s Abode! The sorceress has disappeared and a strange ooze is seeping through the river…

A flunked summoning spell invoked forth THE SLIME GOD from beyond space-time. Now THE SLIME GOD will consume everything around it unless someone stops its influence from inside the magical abode.

Will the adventurers turn into the unknown saviors of mankind?


Secrets of the Old City Classic Conversion

Secrets of the Old City Classic Conversion

Secrets of the Old City Classic Conversion

“Almost every inhabitant of The City has heard that it was built upon the ruins of an older place – indeed, evidence of the Old City is everywhere. And rumors of its hidden treasures persist, even now.

The histories recount that the Old City was buried by cataclysmic ashes long before The New City grew up to resume the industry of these parts.

However, few among the wisest scholars know that the Old City was itself founded upon an even deeper ruin –a far more ancient and treacherous place. None now recall who the Ancients were, or what disaster befell them…”

A Dungeon World adaptation by Mark Tygart


Based on the classic 2009 one page dungeon by Simon Bull