I’ve officially pulled the trigger in #Stonetop: no more +1/-1 forward/ongoing.

I’ve officially pulled the trigger in #Stonetop: no more +1/-1 forward/ongoing.

I’ve officially pulled the trigger in #Stonetop: no more +1/-1 forward/ongoing. Instead, advantage and disadvantage!

Here’s a look at what the basic, special, etc. moves look like for Stonetop now, including ‘vantage.

Other things of note if you if you haven’t seen these before:

1) Split Aid and Interfere into two different moves

2) Aid-before-the-roll is just advantage (with exposure). Aid-after-the-roll is a retroactive +1 but the GM tells you the cost

3) Parley is completely rewritten from core DW. It’s as much an info-gathering move as it is a “convince them” move. Parley now also works against PCs.

4) Travel is kind of a big deal in Stonetop, so Undertake a Perilous Journey is replaced with a set of moves that help plot out the journey as an adventure in itself.

Let me know if you have questions or input!


Sharing this a little more broadly.

Sharing this a little more broadly.

Sharing this a little more broadly. Looking for feedback, especially from newer GMs. Bonus points if you haven’t actually run DW just yet and aren’t quite certain what to do; if that’s you, I’d love to get your feedback on this.

#Stonetop is my DW hack/playset that sets the PCs up as the heroes of an isolated village in a late iron/bronze age setting. Less murderhobo, more hearth fantasy.

This is the Stonetop equivalent of the “The GM” chapter in Dungeon World: agenda & principles, GM moves, and the basics of what to do.

If you have time to read it and feedback to give, I’d appreciate it!


Some ideas for revising Debilities, Make Camp & Recover

Some ideas for revising Debilities, Make Camp & Recover

Some ideas for revising Debilities, Make Camp & Recover

I’m seriously thinking about implementing these in #Stonetop, but they’d work pretty well with standard DW, too!

Interested in your thoughts.


Thunder Drake (big mean lizard-thing)

Thunder Drake (big mean lizard-thing)

Thunder Drake (big mean lizard-thing)

solitary, large

HP 20, Armor 3 (scales & crest)

Gore, trample, swat: d10+3 damage (hand, close, forceful, messy, 1 piercing)

Special qualities: lightning-proof, hard of hearing

• Bellow

• Dig through dirt

• Gnaw on stone

• Sometimes: belch forth a zolt of lightning (reach, ignores armor, forceful)

Instinct: to protect its turf

When the you are near a thunder drake when it bellows, roll +CON: on a 10+, choose 1; on a 7-9, choose 2; on a miss, all three.

• Drop what you’re holding and cover your ears

• Stagger back a few steps

• You’re deafened and disoriented for a few moments

Sometimes, out on the Flats, you’ll see what looks to be small hills in the distance. I advise you to steer clear. They probably aren’t hills, really, but huge piles of dirt that a thunder drake has moved as it digs. And hoo boy, you do not want to stumble into of one them on their home turf.

Something interesting: thunder drakes mostly eat grass and shrubs, but they have a taste for certain stones. They split their time between grazing, sleeping and digging for those rocks.

Something useful: They’ve particularly got a taste for metal ores, especially copper ore. But they love aetherium, which is copper alloyed with lightning. If they find a vein of natural aetherium or man-made bits, they’ll chew it right up and spend the next few days belching lighting bolts.


Fadyn (tricksy fox spirit)

Fadyn (tricksy fox spirit)

Fadyn (tricksy fox spirit)

solitary, small, magical, spirit, stealthy, devious, intelligent, cautious

HP 12, Armor 1 (reflexes)

Bite, scratches, knife (d6, hand)

● Appear as a fox, or as a pretty youth

● Follow and watch, glimpsed only rarely

● Play tricks on someone’s senses

● Ensnare someone in a pocket dimension

Instinct: to sate its curiosity

There are many dangers to those who travel the Flats. Hunting drakes. The nosgolau that lure the weak-willed from the Roads. Great gwythaints circling above and swooping down like thunder. All deadly. All to be feared.

But fear also the fox that follows you for miles on end. Fear the laughter of the beautify boy, glimpsed in tall grass. Fear what you see and hear. For the fadyn does not mean you harm, it merely finds you interesting, and wants to know what you will do. The magic of the Roads will not protect you. You’ll need all your wits for that.


Hunting Drakes

Hunting Drakes

Hunting Drakes

horde, small, stealthy, organized, cautious

HP 3, Armor 1 (quick reflexes)

Sawtooth teeth d6 damage (hand)

● Dart through tall grass unseen, unheard

● Surround their prey

● Bite down and pull in one direction while a packmate pulls in the other (messy)

Instinct: to bring down easy prey

Sneaky little dog-sized critters that prowl the Flats. Hunt in packs ranging from six to a couple dozen. Just the worst.

What’s the surest sign of their presence?

What do all wise travelers do to keep them at bay?

Which of you has seen them tear apart their prey? What haunts you about it to this day?


#stonetop Jeremy Strandberg

#stonetop Jeremy Strandberg

#stonetop Jeremy Strandberg

Worked out the maths if anyone interested for the DW coins equivalent for each wealth level.

A handful of coppers = 5 coins

A purse of coppers = 15 coins

A handful of silvers = 45 coins

A purse of silvers = 135 coins

A handful of gold = 405 coins

A purse of gold = 1,215 coins

This is totally #stonetop.

This is totally #stonetop.

This is totally #stonetop.

Originally shared by Vandel J. Arden

Plain of Jars, Laos

Shrouded in myth, megalithic stone jars are scattered across Xieng Khouang Province in groups from one to one hundred. A working theory is that the huge cylindrical jars were used in ancient funeral ceremonies, though local legend has it that the jars were used to brew rice wine for giants. In the 1960s Northern Laos was subject to a massive aerial bombardment by the USA and it’s only been relatively recently that some areas have been cleared and declared safe for visitors.

Strange remnants like theses fire up the imagination. I like to send my players into bezarre locations and offer them unresolved mysteries like theses. What the imagine is often true gold and I like to implememt some half truth from that on the fly.

Here’s the Threats chapter for #Stonetop.

Here’s the Threats chapter for #Stonetop.

Here’s the Threats chapter for #Stonetop. I’ve been bugging y’all so much lately with my posts about Fronts, I figure I owe you a peak at what I’ve been working on.

The biggest differences between this and Fronts are:

* There aren’t actually fronts & dangers. I found that structure to just not fit for Stonetop’s heavily-local setup.

* Instead, it’s much more like AW 2e… there are just threats. (Though, unlike AW, not everything is a threat.)

* Any given threat may or may not have an impending doom, grim portents, or stakes.

* The threat types are different from the danger types, though they cover similar ground. Again, lots of AW influence in here.

* There aren’t prescriptive subtypes with proscribed impulses, just lots of examples.

* Also, I scrapped the difference between impulse and instinct… I just couldn’t see enough of a difference to justify the distinction.

As always: feedback and questions are both welcome and greatly appreciated!


This Week in Stonetop: Mind Control & Revised Interfere in Action!

This Week in Stonetop: Mind Control & Revised Interfere in Action!

This Week in Stonetop: Mind Control & Revised Interfere in Action!

Had a fun session of #Stonetop earlier this week that really highlighted a lot of the system & setting tweaks. Thought it’d be fun to share.

First, the setup: the PCs are exploring the Ruined Tower (crumbling giant-sized-tower about a day from home). They’re partially there for loot, partially there cuz they think their neighbor-turned-cult-leader-sorcerer Iwan was living there, and they want him dead.

They’re up in the 2nd story of the tower, poking around an old study and giant-sized bedchamber, where Iwan has been squatting (though he’s not here… he’s fled into the tunnels beneath the tower, for now at least).

While exploring, they found the head of a dead merchant from Marshedge pickling in an urn. They also removed some protective runes that they assumed were meant to keep intruders out. But what they actually did was let the merchant’s ghost loose.

Interestingly, I hadn’t even planned on the merchant’s head or the ghost being there. But in exploring the study, we referenced poking around a crowded storage unit with a flashlight, y’know, like in Silence of the Lambs. Someone asked if they found a head and I ran with it.

Now, one of the things I do for any undead (and particularly for Stonetop) is categorize them based on why they are undead. I.e. what keeps them here? This ghost was pretty clearly (to me) a specter. In my taxonomy, specters are the vengeful dead, who stick around because of some great wrong, things of almost mindless rage (instinct: to punish the living). They’ve got your usual array of vengeful dead/poltergeist moves:

• Fling things about telekinetically

• Generate creepy environmental effects

• Stoke the flames of anger, hatred, rage

SO! PCs just let the specter out. When they mar the runes, there’s a wind through the place that snuffs one of their lanterns. While they’re relighting it, the Fox (our rogue/thief analog) slips back into the room they came from, hiding in the shadows, expecting an attack from behind.

The Blessed (our shaman/nature priest) uses his Spirit Tongue move to ask “What spirits are active here?” and I’m like “oh, there’s totally a ghost here, an angry one. And right as you realize that, you notice Nolwenn’s breath… you can you see it, and the air just got super cold.”

The Fox, hiding in the shadows, looks around carefully, on guard for any threats, triggering Discern Realities. He rolls a miss! So I hit him hard with the specter’s stoke the flames of anger, hatred, rage. I say how he’s watching the Blessed standing in the doorway, and thinking of all the times he’s been dismissive of the Fox or hidden things from, and how he’s kept that fancy white magic spear all to himself, and how he’s sure he’s planning something to get the Fox killed, GODS you just want to stab him in the throat.

For this, I go to my standby mind-control move:

When you are compelled to act against your will, mark XP if you act as bidden. If you resist, roll +WIS: on a 10+, you shake off the compulsion and act as you wish; on a 7-9, choose 1:

• Stand dazed, fighting for control of your mind

• Start acting as compelled but stop yourself at the last moment

• Harm yourself to regain control (1d6 damage, ignores armor)

On a 6-, you come to your senses having done gods-know-what.

I didn’t even have to finish saying “I’ll give you an XP” before the Fox was acting on it. “Yeah, I’ll sneak up and stab him in the throat.” The character’s didn’t really have much animosity before this, just a little bit of distrust. This was mostly just the Fox’s player being keen on drama and conflict.

Now, the Fox has a move, Catlike, that basically says “if you move slowly and with care, you make no noise; if you keep still in shadows or darkness, no one notices you until draw attention to yourself.” And the Blessed had already said that he wasn’t keeping track of the Fox… the Fox wanders off all the time. So it was pretty much a given that, yeah, the Fox could get into position and Ambush (i.e. “Backstab”) the Blessed.

Before I let that trigger, though, I gave the Blessed an opportunity to Interfere. “The Fox comes lunging out of the darkness, murder in his eyes and his knife going at your throat, you’ve got like split seconds, what do you do?” I nix the Blessed reaching into his sacred pouch and casting a spell (not enough time), so he goes with the obvious: “dodge!”

This triggers Interfere. Stonetop doesn’t use bonds, and I’ve never been happy with original Aid/Interfere move, so we use this instead:

When you try to foil another PC’s action, say how you do it and roll +STAT: On a 10+, they pick 1 from the list below; on a 7-9, they pick 1 but you are left off balance, exposed, or otherwise vulnerable.

• They do it anyway, but take -2 forward

• They relent, change course, or otherwise allow their move to be foiled

I’ve only gotten to see this in play a couple times, and one time was a miss, so I was pretty stoked to see it in action. It worked GREAT.

The Blessed rolled +DEX, got a 7-9. The Fox allowed his move to be foiled, mostly because the player didn’t really want to Ambush the Blessed (the Fox’s Ambush could have done upwards of 20 HP damage, vs. the Blessed’s 21 HP!). And that is one of the things I really like about this version of the move. The players can go at each other really hard, triggering some pretty awful moves, but an Interfere 7+ gives the aggressor an “out.” They can just let it whiff, or relent, or whatever with little consequence.

So, the Blessed jerks back and avoids the Fox’s attack, but he got a 7-9 so he’s off balance/exposed/vulnerable. I have him tumble back onto the floor, losing his grip on the magic spear. And there’s the Fox in the doorway, murder still in his eyes.

The Heavy (fighter analog) uses his town sheriff version of I am the Law and orders the Fox to stand down, gets a 7-9. The Fox’s player, though, picks “attack you.” Not actually what I expected! So he moves to launch himself at the Heavy, while the Heavy says he’s going to shoot him in the junk with his crossbow, and the Would-be Hero tries to get in both of their ways.

The Would-be Hero is trying to stop this, so that’s another Interfere. She rolls with STR, I think, and gets a 7-9. Again, the Fox has to choose: relent or continue at -2. This time, he continues. We apply the same roll to the Heavy’s action; he chooses to relent and not shoot.

The Would-be Hero is still blocking the Fox’s path, though, so if he wants to stab the Heavy (and he does) he has to Defy Danger against her (at -2, because Interfere). He’s nails it, parkours around her and launches himself at the Heavy.

Now, that’s clearly going to be an attack but the Heavy saw it coming. He says he drops the crossbow and wants to dodge and grab the Fox as he attacks, locking his sword arm and pinning him up against the wall. We decide that’s the Heavy Interfering with the Fox’s attack. Again, a 7-9 to Interfere. The Fox chooses to Hack and Slash with a -2, and still gets a 10+. We resolve that as the sheriff’s maneuver failing and Fox scoring a cut on him, and (because of the 7-9 to Interfere) the sheriff tumbles back and the Fox is looming over him.

Everyone but the Fox is basically staggered or stunned, this all happened so fast and they all got 7-9s on their Interferes. The Fox has the chance to press the attack against the Heavy, but I’m like “you feel that rage welling up again, do you go with it? Or resist?” And the Fox’s player is like “wait, I can resist this?!?”

(In retrospect, we were all fine with how it shook out… the first attack, he had gladly accepted the XP; the second attack was in response to the I am the Law move, so this was really the first “pause”).

The Fox does in fact resist, rolls +WIS and gets a 7-9, and chooses to hurt himself to regain control. He’s looming over the Heavy, about to stab, and instead he stabs himself in the side of the butt (butt-stabbing is an established theme with these guys… don’t ask).

From there, the specter stopped “riding” the Fox and blasted everyone with a telekinetic shockwave as it hoisted the Fox by his neck. The Fox tried cutting at it where it’s body must have been, but had no effect (ghost, mundane sword) and took some damage for his efforts. The Blessed (who can sense and interact with spirits) Discerned Realities to see where the spirit really was (it was otherwise invisible), the grabbed his magic spear and impaled the thing! (The spear has an “unlock” that’s triggered by impaling a spirit and keeping it stuck until it burns away, so he was game… even though melee is not his strong suit.)

From there, it was pretty typical (but awesome) Dungeon World. The spirit, impaled on the only weapon that can hurt it, is flinging everything in room not bolted down. The Blessed has to endure a few flying projectiles while he keeps his grip on the spear. The Heavy finds a big-ol’ copper plate and uses it as a shield to Defend the Blessed. The Would-be Hero jumps in to help the Blessed brace the spear, while the Fox finds a bunch of sacred herbs and lights them to keep the specter distracted, and eventually the things burns away like in those episodes of Supernatural.

All in all, a super fun session! The mind control worked and didn’t feel like it was stealing any player agency, and led to a really cool scene. And I’m really happy with how the Interfere move worked in play. We had to be careful about what everyone was doing, but it felt a lot more forgiving than the standard Interfere with its “-2 penalty” on a 7+ and “exposed to danger, retribution, or cost” on a 7-9. The choice of “press on but -2 or relent/let it fail” feels a lot better, and the “left exposed/off balance/vulnerable” gives a lot better guidance on how to resolve the move, I think.