#RangerWeek   #compendiumclassidea

#RangerWeek   #compendiumclassidea

#RangerWeek   #compendiumclassidea  

The true friend

When you have a dog as an animal companion 

Man’s best friend

When you and your dog stand in defense of someone or something roll to defend as usual. On a hit, gain +1 hold. If your dog is trained to guard ignore whatever hold you get and gain hold equal to your dogs ferocity. 

Additional Moves 

Puppy dog eyes 

If you want and NPC to think of you as unthreatening or as adorably cute by making puppy dog eyes at them, roll+CHA

On a hit it works but on a 7-9 it won’t for long. 


When your dog stands vigilent over your dead body, don’t roll last breath as you can still cling to life until it leaves its watch. 

What is it Lessie? 

When you send your dog out looking for trouble, roll+WIS

On a 10+ your dog comes back before you get into trouble and its warning is understandable. On a 7-9 choose 1 

– The warning is cryptic and difficult to understand without context

– Your dog comes back before you are in too deep trouble

Everwatchful sentry 

Your dog gets guard training. In addition add this to your command Move

– … and you Take Watch, add it’s cunning to your roll 

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