#RangerWeek   #game

#RangerWeek   #game

#RangerWeek   #game  

The Special Trick Game 

I nearly forgot about the MOST! FUN! of Ranger Week! 

You see there is a nice little LEvel 6-10 Move for the Ranger. 

Special Trick

Choose a move from another class. So long as you are working with your animal companion you have access to that move.

Now we will turn that move into a game. 

Here is how it works

#1 Someone posts a move.

#2 Someone else explains how your animal helps you to do that move.

#3 They post a new move.

As we can clearly see there are some weird weird combinations you can do with this move. Some things are pretty obvious

Bend Bars, Lift Gates

– Me and my bear can power through that object together and destroy nearly everything if we just use teamwork. 

Others are a bit more silly 

Flexible Morals

– As long as i am together with my owl, people can’t seem to read me. 


So lets start with this: 

The Fighter Move Interrogator 

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  1. Well me and my owl we go into that special trance into the spirit world of wisdom spirits and can come up with knowledge about specific things. 

    The Barbarian Move

    Herculean Appetities 

  2. Herculean Appetites

    – You know how cats can be finicky? Clearly, you’ve never met mine. Goblin meat’s fine and dandy, but did you ever hear of the cats who had great temples and golden statues built to honor them? The ones who hoarded treasure to the point where they rivaled the dragons? Yeah, my cat’s definitely a descendent, and we definitely do share the same tastes.

    Paladin: I Am the Law

  3. Cats are venerated in my society. When you walk into town with a full-grown lion at your side, people pay attention when you have something to say.

    Wizard: Fount of Knowledge

  4. Have you ever heard of the children of the rat? A secret society of sever thiefs (and wererats). Neither did I but last week MR. Squeek came back with a message for me…



  5. Good boy, Mr. Fleas! You tripped me at just the right time to prevent that goblin from skewering me! Still hurts though…

    Fighter: Through Death’s Eyes

  6. Some birds are well known for their ability to see and even foresee death. Crows are best (if you’re that kind of ranger), but some strange, black owls have this ability as well.

    Now, I was waiting for this: Cast a Spell + Spellbook + Prepare Spells. Wizard style. That’s it, I cast on INT despite having a high wisdom.

  7. My giant bullfrog has started secreting some sort of sweet smelling oil from his skin. Any time I inhale it or drink it, I see the arcane energies of the world swirling around me.

    How about “arcane art” from the bard?

  8. When she was but a pup, my companion rat was pulled away from her hometown of Hamelin by a dashing rogue with a fine set of pipes, and she learned many a trick from him. Now, when we sing a duet, all sorts of things can happen.

    Howzabout the Fighter’s Signature Weapon?

  9. Signature Weapon 

    Double Bear Fist (Style)

    Basically your bear stands behind you on his hindlegs, you grap his paws and then you hit people with them. 



  10. Did you know that if you hang a cat upside down from your chin it makes a pretty convincing beard?

    Apparently, neither does the town guard.

    Barbarian: My Love For You Is Like a Truck

  11. The hairs from my companion happen to be an excellent channel for enchantments. They preserved them long enough for me to transfer the magic to my new weapon or armor. Plus having her work the fan to keep the fire hot is a blessing.

    How about the Paladin’s ‘exterminatus’

  12. The lay folk never understand. They think “keeping the faith” means attending the ceremonies on holy days and making the proper tithes. They think that safety and security are things that “just happen,” that the church has no enemies, that the demons are just allegory. They think that training a badger to perch on the end of a hammer and rend the heretics and nonbelievers is “something a crazy person does.”

    They are wrong. And we shall protect them from their ignorance.

    Both of us.

    The Druid: By Nature Sustained

  13. My pet has this strange sense that I can’t hunt on my own… I’m forever waking up next to dead animal carcasses and her sitting there, looking all proud.

    Cleric: Turn Undead.

  14. You know, I told Sir Anthony several times, I was very clear about it. I know you think baths are fun, Sir Anthony, especially the part afterwards where you shake yourself dry, but the holy water font of the Grand Court of Life is not a bath.

    And that rascally mutt went and did it anyway! Behind my back! I don’t think this is ever going to wash out.

    Some days, I don’t think I ever want it to.

    Bard: An Ear For Magic

  15. Mr. Hoots ate one too many wizards’ mice. Now he can eat just about anything, even the really nasty stuff, and I’ve, uh, kind of taken to saving the owl pellets. They’ve come in handy!

    Cleric: Penitent

  16. Taking Penitent only makes sense if you took God admist the waste. So going from there 

    Whenever I push my hand into my wounds Slaughterhorn feels my pain and wants to protect me. As she is a gift of the earthmother her cry also empowers my magic as the elementals come to my help when she asks them. 



  17. When Grindlebone ate that brain squid, I got a little worried about her afterwards. She’d stare off into nowhere for hours at a time. I was trying to cheer her up and telling her what I’d do if I had a hundred dead mice, and she grabbed my map, wrote on the back of it with one claw in… ink? Or maybe blood? OR MAYBE BOTH?! a list of instructions.

    And they didn’t seem too out there so I followed them just for the hell of it, and… uh…

    Anybody need, oh, 90 dead mice?

    Wizard: Ethereal Tether

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