#RangerWeek   #game

#RangerWeek   #game

#RangerWeek   #game  

The Special Trick Game 

I nearly forgot about the MOST! FUN! of Ranger Week! 

You see there is a nice little LEvel 6-10 Move for the Ranger. 

Special Trick

Choose a move from another class. So long as you are working with your animal companion you have access to that move.

Now we will turn that move into a game. 

Here is how it works

#1 Someone posts a move.

#2 Someone else explains how your animal helps you to do that move.

#3 They post a new move.

As we can clearly see there are some weird weird combinations you can do with this move. Some things are pretty obvious

Bend Bars, Lift Gates

– Me and my bear can power through that object together and destroy nearly everything if we just use teamwork. 

Others are a bit more silly 

Flexible Morals

– As long as i am together with my owl, people can’t seem to read me. 


So lets start with this: 

The Fighter Move Interrogator