Hi Jason Lutes!

Hi Jason Lutes!

Hi Jason Lutes! In the Italian DW community we have an user asking for details / examples about the Scout Ahead “advantages”:

-Getting the Drop.

-Signs about the Danger.

From a first read, getting the drop on the enemy seems more powerful ad useful than getting signs about the Danger.

Thanks in advance for your insight.

Hi Johnstone Metzger​

Hi Johnstone Metzger​

Hi Johnstone Metzger​

Is there an errata document for Class Warfare? Maybe I found something, so I’d like to ask if there are other glitches, errors etc. found already.

106 Disciples

Strength of Will

Your base damage is d6.

 If you choose a magician specialty, reduce both your base damage by one die size (from d8 to d6) and your maximum hit points by 2.





Hi Jacob Randolph 

Hi Jacob Randolph 

Hi Jacob Randolph . I have a question about your Clock Mage. If I understand it correctly, the character can have only 2 “counters”. They slide from Tick to Tock, when you use them. Right? (barred the special rules for the Backgrounds).

So, in the Time Travel, of course you can “spend” max 2 any type counters (that of course aren’t spent, just turned to the other type). So, you can time travel for max 2 days. Right?

Also, there are no rolls in that move, so immediately after time traveled, you have immediately 2 counters (of the other type) that you can spend immediately to time travel 2 days again, right?

Thanks in advance.



Ok. Finally, I bought Inverse World. I made just a quick skim of the PDF. Am I happy? So-so. I hope to put together a review, sooner or later.

In two seconds:

– Graphic and layout: insufficient

– Proofreading: I saw some error here and there (now I can only remember a “bear” in place of “beer”)

– Classes: While the game seems to push on exploration of a fantastic land, the playbook I read ’till now were a full collection of combat moves. I’m not inspired. Also, I didn’t liked the repeated moves (ie. different classes has identical moves).

However, I need more time to digest the whole book. And I hope there’s space for improvement, corrections, clarifications etc.

Hail everybody.

Hail everybody.

Hail everybody. Quick question for you all (men, I can’t find an official answer in the rules, so I’d like your point of view).

Discern realities. When you get the +1 bonus, with a successful roll:

– only the player who rolled can get the +1.

– the whole party can benefit the +1: however, only the first character that act, can get the bonus for the first roll).

– the whole party can benefit the +1: however, every character can get the +1 only for the first roll. 

PS: Random picture to catch your eyes! 😀


Ola. This is a “Dungeon World Clock” I created for a campaign of mine.

Ola. This is a “Dungeon World Clock” I created for a campaign of mine.

Ola. This is a “Dungeon World Clock” I created for a campaign of mine.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, no worries, just ignore this magic symbol 😀

Otherwise, feel free to use it for your fronts moving toward the players like a bulldozer on a parked bicycle 😀