Hi Johnstone Metzger​

Hi Johnstone Metzger​

Hi Johnstone Metzger​

Is there an errata document for Class Warfare? Maybe I found something, so I’d like to ask if there are other glitches, errors etc. found already.

106 Disciples

Strength of Will

Your base damage is d6.

 If you choose a magician specialty, reduce both your base damage by one die size (from d8 to d6) and your maximum hit points by 2.





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  1. The big one I messed up on was putting close and near as the ranges for the Psi Knife starting move when it should be close and reach. Because you get near from an advanced move.

  2. I remember one (Elementalist, I think), where you could tell it had been moved during editing between Magician and Disciple, because it still had references to the old section.

  3. Those of us who bought CW (print+pdf) will be’ able to get a “revised edition”?

    (when you have time to compile it, that is)

    In the meantime, I’ll do my best to contribute and flag any typo I see till you let us know how/where we can download the eventual new pdf. ^__^

  4. I try to make corrections when people point them out and then update DriveThruRPG when I have a few done.

    You can always re-download the pdf from DriveThruRPG. I don’t usually send notifications when I update a file because I don’t want to spam people (I think I updated CW twice in rapid succession a little while back), but perhaps I should.

  5. About “Eye for Weaponry”, I always found this move quite useless. Every player I masered, always said to me:”Well, if I want to know how much damage it does… I’ll wait the first time he’ll successfully hits me! 😀 “

    I’d pump-up a little bit. Something like:

    When you look over an enemy’s weaponry, ask the GM for useful informations. He will tell you how much damage it does, if it has special qualities, what are their strong and weak points. Then you can make a following question about that, and the GM has to answer sincerely.


    Just my 2 cents.

  6. Here I need a clarification: pag. 276 – Spell Defence: You may end any ongoing magical effect immediately and use the energy of its dissipation to deflect an oncoming attack… ///

    Is that “any” intended? Ie. can you end the “magical shield protecting the enemy dragon” to deflect an oncoming attack? Or you should end an ongoing effect belonging to you?

  7. Other clarification: pag. 355: Born of Fire / Inner Heat – is the “immunity” effective on attacks based on fire/heat/cold/ice? Also on elements based spells? Or, just “normal” weather effects? I’d say all of those.

  8. pag. 366 – Forecast / 2 cent about that. Should be more useful with “you and your allies take +1 forward…” ? Please, compare it with following move “Heist”. 

    Or, do you think that to know a future danger could be iper-useful just ’cause you learn the source of the danger? Ie: if the GM says “cobras ahead”, then before to continue on, the PCs could go to buy antidote; if the GM says “big crevice ahead”, then the PCs could turn back and go buy lot of cords, spiked boots etc.

    In the latter case, yeah, maybe a single +1 forward could suffice.

    Side note about Heist: Sage LaTorra said about that move: “My intent was there’s one +1, whomever it applies to first gets it. +1 for each answer. “

  9. Oh, man, my objectivist joke coming back to bite me. Still glad I changed the name though.

    I didn’t write Eye for Weaponry! That one’s on Sage and Adam! Tell the player the monster’s moves, that would be simplest.

    Any magical effect means you can have Spell Defence without taking spellcasting and spells from the spell list. So, like if you steal someone’s shadow, you can set it free to deflect an attack. That would be ending an ongoing magical effect. Otherwise, the move is only useful if you take spells. And lots of people hate spells! As to your example, if the PC somehow has the ability to end a magical effect on someone else? Sure, why not. If you don’t have the ability to end the magical shield on the dragon (because the dragon controls it, for example), then you can’t end it to deflect an attack.

  10. Born of Fire says heat and the touch of fire, so I would say cold still does damage (but another GM might not). If magic creates fire, it’s fire. Right? So it does nothing. If magic just looks like fire but is made of magic or whatever, then it’s a GM judgment call, I would say. Maybe it does damage, maybe it’s just enough like fire. Ask the player how it works, maybe it’s because of pacts with the fire djinn and the magical blackfire djinn are close enough cousins they respect the deal?

  11. Forecast is just like a bonus each day, the way I see it, you have a hunch about what’s going to happen and you can react quicker when it does. But your interpretation is cool, too.

    Heist you have to actually go and plan the heist, though. So you can get more bonuses, but you can’t really do that every single day–it might even take weeks to plan, depending on what kind of crime movies the group likes to watch.

    Also, I think it CAN be super-useful to have a hint of what could be coming, and not just for the players. Like when the PCs plan a heist, it’s a clear message to the GM that they want to rob things. With Forecast, if the GM says “hey, maybe snakes tomorrow” and the players go “no way, gross, we go somewhere else,” the GM knows they don’t want snakes in the game. If they go “awe yeah, got a bonus, gonna fight snakes” the GM knows the evil snake dungeon will go over well.

  12. pag. 149 clarification Arrows in Hand: why, on a 7-9, someone should choose “you snatch… and take half damage”? When the other result is “you avoid the attack completely”??? I think there’s an error here, or I haven’t understood the choices.

  13. Oh, that’s so you can throw the missile back, if it’s a dagger, bomb, or molotov cocktail, or use the arrow in your own bow if you are out of ammo yourself. That’s the main thing Arrows in Hand is for. Don’t take it if your GM will always let you defy danger to do that, though!

  14. Clarification about Symphony of Battle (p.426)

    Is “You disengage from melee with all foes” the only change from the base move intended, or are we missing something? I know, a mass-disengage is useful, but I was thinking that maybe we are missing something ’cause a bad copy-paste. I dunno, something like “You create an advantage and you AND an ally can take +1 ongoing 

    while exploiting it”, or other additional effects.

  15. Now I see that the option “You immediately cross the distance between you and one foe it is possible for you to reach” is changed too. It has the “it is possible for you to reach” removed. So is ti an almost magical form of moviment? Something like teleport, wuxia, ninjutsu? 

  16. I think “you AND an ally” would be an okay change and wouldn’t be too powerful. Crossing the distance is totally wuxia, but teleport could be okay too, depending on the setting and character. Now that you point me to this move, I see that I spelled “off” wrong in the last line, too. sigh.

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