14 thoughts on “Hallo tavernites!”

  1. I explain better:

    It was a list with:


    – trump the enemies

    – carry big weights

    – destroy a wall


    – go for the eyes

    – far sight


    – Silent moving



    So, a big bestiary ready to use, with moves for the druid.

  2. Gotcha! I don’t know of the list you’re asking for, sorry 🙁

    But I’ll repeat what I always say to people looking for animal moves 🙂 Adam and Sage say: give the player a move for what they want, something obvious, and a twist.

    If they shapeshift into a gorilla in a fight, give them a violence move, an obvious gorilla move, and something that might be neat to see.

    If they turn into a dog to follow someone, maybe its give them track (what they want), bite ankles (obvious) and win affection (a twist; wouldn’t it be cool to see who the character charms as a dog?)

    This advice always helps me wing it when making up animal moves for my Druids!

    That all out of the way, maybe we can get a new animal list going here if nobody can find the list you’re looking for!

  3. I gave that to a player once, she loved it. I believe she distracted an Orc guard by being precious, and then another player knocked the Orc out. Something like that.

    I’ve also given a cat the move “get into something you really shouldn’t.” That was funny.

  4. Hi Tim. I stealed some beasts here and there, maybe I’ll start a google doc to keep’em collected together. However, still I can’t find that list I saw time ago (was it in the lumpley forum, maybe?)

  5. Andrea Parducci.  I have not such a list, but would be very interested in one were someone to collect and post such.  (Hint, hint).  I know the idea is to give the player an appropriate move on the fly, but sometimes I brain-lock during the game and can’t come up with a good animal move for the druid.

  6. Why didn’t someone upload the beginnings of such a list to Google Docs and share it for collaboration to this group? Then everyone can add their best animal moves and we’ll have an easy cheat sheet.

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