Hi Jacob Randolph 

Hi Jacob Randolph 

Hi Jacob Randolph . I have a question about your Clock Mage. If I understand it correctly, the character can have only 2 “counters”. They slide from Tick to Tock, when you use them. Right? (barred the special rules for the Backgrounds).

So, in the Time Travel, of course you can “spend” max 2 any type counters (that of course aren’t spent, just turned to the other type). So, you can time travel for max 2 days. Right?

Also, there are no rolls in that move, so immediately after time traveled, you have immediately 2 counters (of the other type) that you can spend immediately to time travel 2 days again, right?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Also, this is quite superfluous, I think: ” When you take a short rest, you may reset your Tick and Tock to 1 each.” 

    Why to let the PG to reset to 1 tick + 1 tock? Of course, a PG could immediately make a “useless” Time Skip (for example), so exchanging to 2 tocks. Or enjoy a “useless” Rewind (I want to look my friend girl PG changing his dresses 2 times… 😀 ) to exchange to 2 ticks.

    Essentially, when the clock mage has a couple of spare “seconds”, he can reassign his ticks and tocks as he please, ’cause the moves have no rolls, so no risks involved in doing that again and again.

    I’m just a little buffled.

  2. Here’s another doubt about Dragon Mage:

    “Cruelty … Whenever you take damage, you take +2 forward to damage against the cause of your damage. You lose this bonus when you next take damage.”

    Are you meaning that:

    – the next damage removes the bonus, so you need to take ANOTHER damage to gain it again.

    – the next damage “moves” the bonus to the new source of damage.

    I think the correct answer is the first one, however I’m inclined to think the second one could be reasonable too.

  3. Previous answer: The line about resetting your Tick and Tock is so you can just say you do that without needing to say “I’m gonna accelerate for no real reason except to reset my tick and tock between scenes”. Because that’s goofy and kinda stupid.

    For Cruelty, the second answer is correct. You lose the previous bonus, but now you gain a new +2 bonus against whatever just hit you.

  4. Thanks for your insights! Returning to “that answer”: ok, I understand, but it could be simpler to say in that move: “When you take a short rest, you may reset your Tick and Tock as you please, 2 Tick, or 2 Tock, or 1 & 1.” This is what I was trying to say with my post. 

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