So, I have a small issue.

So, I have a small issue.

So, I have a small issue.

I’ve been working on making my own playbooks using Inkscape, and it’s been going well enough, but I’ve run into a snag and I hope someone here might have an answer.

I’m trying to make ‘Class Icons’ like you see at the bottom left of every playbook. I have my icons in both .png and .svg

I know how to remove the background from the image, but I’m having trouble turning a black icon white.

I use the invert filter, and it looks white when I place it on the document but when I export the page, it’s back to being black.

I know this is kind of an out there question, but I know a lot of folks here use inkscape so I figure you’re my best shot.




The Black Shield

+1 armor, Dangerous, 2 weight

“So I says to him, I says. Firstly, you take one o’them there bags of holding see, and stretch it ‘cross your shield like so…”

A Black Shield is an odd item, it consists of a simple wooden shield, the front of which is a stretched open Bag of Holding held in place by an iron band riveted around the shield’s edge. The result appears, from the front to be a round metal ring surrounding a broad impenetrable blackness, a hole into nothingness, in its center, attackers attempting to hit the shield encounter nothing but empty space as far back as, and further than, they can reach. Anything dropped in there (weapons, bodies, evidence) is lost forever.

The Paper Dragon

(0 weight)

A masterfully crafted (but otherwise mundane seeming) origami dragon. The head moves side-to-side when you pull the tail.

When you put a drop of your blood on the snout, and say the dragon’s name, Arioshfarghnfungareth. The Dragon animates and immediately grows to a gigantic size (still made of paper), the dragon will:

* teach you 3 secrets of magic

* answer any 3 questions

* grant 3 favors (GM decides what counts as a favor)

Once it has completed its duty, the dragon returns to its original size, becoming a simple origami dragon once more. The dragon will only ever perform its service for someone once, use it wisely.

The Coat of the Harried Wizard

(magical, 2 armor, 0 weight)

A quality crafted leather longcoat, faintly marked with tiny sigils of protection. Wearing this coat is equivalent to wearing Scale-Mail (and it counts as armor for the purpose of Moves like Arcane Ward) but it is as flexible and lightweight as any clothing.

The Luminary Adept

The Luminary Adept

The Luminary Adept



I know the true name of fire, and the 1000 names of the demons King Suleman bound, and how to compel their service.

I know of a hidden grotto where all your every secret desire can come true for one night of ecstasy. I know the Way to a library filled with uncounted volumes of lore concerning everything that has been, is, and shall ever be. This knowledge makes me a threat.

I know where the bodies of thirteen children rest and the name of the entity who they were sacrificed to keep asleep. I know the face of the creature from who’s wrist the village elder drank before he ordered their executions.

I know what the face of a possessed man looks like, and what he looked like when freed from a demon’s grasp to realize he has eaten his own child and wife. I know how fast a woman capable of changing her shape can snap and kill a caravan of innocents. I know who began killing those courtesans, and what madness overtook him. I know what he looked like as he died, and where he’s buried, he was once my friend.

I know that the world is a thin veneer of reason spread too thin over madness, darkness, and nightmares come to life. I know how to look past that veneer to see true reality. I know I don’t have to look. I know every time I do, no matter what I see. it costs me a little bit, another pinch of what makes me human. I know I am fooling myself, I have to know, I have to look, gods help me.

May the gods help us all.


This is the Second draft of my attempt at a free-form magic casting class that is more reminiscent of Mage, or Ars Magica, than your usual D&D style magic users. It’s still rough in places, but pretty much playable

I have three different versions of the Playbook:

* The one labelled as DW CORE is formatted to work right alongside the core classes in the DW book, it has alignments and races to pick from.

* The one labelled IW and GW COMPATIBLE means that it has Drives and Backgrounds listed to fit in-line with the classes from those games. ( I also have a section for Adept themed Death moves and vehicles, but I haven’t done much there yet.

* The one labelled CUSTOM, is showcasing another idea I’ve been playing with, wherein Backgrounds are expanded to become more like Compendium Classes, and a player would choose one of either their class’ Background CCs, or any other CC their GM approved of.

I have an idea of going back and creating several class-based BCCs for the core DW classes, as well as general ones representing skills or professions that would bring depth to our DW characters!

Link to Folder:

(Feel free to post any comments or criticisms here, I am constantly working and updating as I go.)

Awakened Mage #3pp

Awakened Mage #3pp

Awakened Mage #3pp

So I’ve been working on my own version of the DW mage, I’ve always preferred freeform magic like Mage and Ars Magna to the vancian style magic of the regular classes.

This class isn’t all about flinging the biggest spells though, Your magic also serves to isolate you from your friends, can you strike a balance between power and humanity?

Here’s the first draft.

I had this idea for a move for intuitive mechanical savant type characters, and was wondering what people think:

I had this idea for a move for intuitive mechanical savant type characters, and was wondering what people think:

I had this idea for a move for intuitive mechanical savant type characters, and was wondering what people think:

When you take time to closely examine a magical or mechanical device, Roll +INT.

On a 10+ You comprehend the function and use of the device perfectly (Similar to Spout Lore)

7-9 choose 2

6- choose 1, GM makes move

-You know exactly what the device does

-You know how to operate the device

-You understand how to recreate the device

-Using the Device does not consume resources

-Using the device has no side effects