So, I have a small issue.

So, I have a small issue.

So, I have a small issue.

I’ve been working on making my own playbooks using Inkscape, and it’s been going well enough, but I’ve run into a snag and I hope someone here might have an answer.

I’m trying to make ‘Class Icons’ like you see at the bottom left of every playbook. I have my icons in both .png and .svg

I know how to remove the background from the image, but I’m having trouble turning a black icon white.

I use the invert filter, and it looks white when I place it on the document but when I export the page, it’s back to being black.

I know this is kind of an out there question, but I know a lot of folks here use inkscape so I figure you’re my best shot.

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  1. Much thanks, I was converting into a path in order to remove the background, but for some reason the color wasn’t able to be switched. (until I rememberd the fill and stroke option, I feel pretty dumb now)

    But thanks!

  2. If you are editing it in Inkscape, you need to select the object, then go to the top of the window and click on: “Object” -> “Fill and Stroke”. Then a panel should open on the right side of the window where you can change the color of the icon.

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