Awakened Mage #3pp

Awakened Mage #3pp

Awakened Mage #3pp

So I’ve been working on my own version of the DW mage, I’ve always preferred freeform magic like Mage and Ars Magna to the vancian style magic of the regular classes.

This class isn’t all about flinging the biggest spells though, Your magic also serves to isolate you from your friends, can you strike a balance between power and humanity?

Here’s the first draft.

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  1. Interesting. intrigued on the conversation on this. Will read it in further depth later. do you have somewhere you would like to have feedback posted?

  2. I tried this exact thing a while ago but gave it up because it was to complicated. (My inpiration was Myriad) You seem to have pulled it off. Well done!

  3. Thanks!

    It’s still pretty rough (just a first draft) but I’m mostly happy with how the core moves work.

    I wanted to do something special with the Backgrounds, to really make Mage characters pop and emphasize just how weird and alien a person like this could/would be.

  4. “Aw Crap”power should be entitled “Fatespinner” or something else equally manipulative or dramatic.

    I really like the Power vs Humanity (and Abyss) idea of sacrificing one’s essence to gain magic and lose a bit of what makes the character human… by sacrificing Bonds. That’s DW genius. However, the Race they play may NOT be human. Not sure what alternatively appropriate term would be… mortality? Conscience? Control? Free-Will?

  5. Well, I’ve been tinkering a lot, and making some changes, for one: I made Aw Crap a 6-10 move, and made Phylactery a Background.

    Power and Consequence (instead of Humanity)

    I’m refining my thinking with ARCANE BOND, it’s main use is as the magic +stat, but I wanted to make sure it had a definite consequence to it and give people at least a little reason they might not want to sacrifice their bonds too much (aside from missing out on the XP from resolving bonds as normal)

    I have it now that all the moves involving understanding and interacting (In&Outside combat) with other people: Aid, Carouse, etc. Are now rolled -Arcane Bond. Because your difficulty understanding is directly related and in opposition to how powerful you are. 🙂

    So your uber powerful mage is rolling spells at +3, but he is almost completely isolated and alienated from the people around him, so any attempts to help them out that don’t involve weaving a spell are made at -3 (which is a huge deal).

    I’m working on some other bits where other people trying to help or understand you also roll -your ARCANE BOND.

    This is all on top of looking a bit into MH strings US debt and WIP bonds to make it more group centered rather than be “Your Game! starring the mage and their sidekicks!”

    Another idea I had, completely outside the scope of the average DW game was Backgrounds. As-is they’re just a small thing anyone of any race can take, and I’ve expanded them out, but it got me thinking, why not remove backgrounds entirely, and allow people to choose a starting CC representing what they’ve done in their past?

    I’m expanding the current backgrounds into pseudo CCs tied to the class, but also leaving it so the player can choose any CC their GM allows instead.

    Of course, it just means I’ll make it it’s own optional thing. If I release this as a product, I will be including Core DW and IW versions of the playbook (my original goal) for people who don’t want to mess about with anything beyond.

    Goes without saying that I’m hard at work! :)

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