The Black Shield


+1 armor, Dangerous, 2 weight

“So I says to him, I says. Firstly, you take one o’them there bags of holding see, and stretch it ‘cross your shield like so…”

A Black Shield is an odd item, it consists of a simple wooden shield, the front of which is a stretched open Bag of Holding held in place by an iron band riveted around the shield’s edge. The result appears, from the front to be a round metal ring surrounding a broad impenetrable blackness, a hole into nothingness, in its center, attackers attempting to hit the shield encounter nothing but empty space as far back as, and further than, they can reach. Anything dropped in there (weapons, bodies, evidence) is lost forever.

The Paper Dragon


(0 weight)

A masterfully crafted (but otherwise mundane seeming) origami dragon. The head moves side-to-side when you pull the tail.

When you put a drop of your blood on the snout, and say the dragon’s name, Arioshfarghnfungareth. The Dragon animates and immediately grows to a gigantic size (still made of paper), the dragon will:

* teach you 3 secrets of magic

* answer any 3 questions

* grant 3 favors (GM decides what counts as a favor)

Once it has completed its duty, the dragon returns to its original size, becoming a simple origami dragon once more. The dragon will only ever perform its service for someone once, use it wisely.

The Coat of the Harried Wizard


(magical, 2 armor, 0 weight)

A quality crafted leather longcoat, faintly marked with tiny sigils of protection. Wearing this coat is equivalent to wearing Scale-Mail (and it counts as armor for the purpose of Moves like Arcane Ward) but it is as flexible and lightweight as any clothing.

9 thoughts on “#magicitemmonday”

  1. For a lower level party, you can have a requirement for its use be that the void must be fed with something of value , in order to be used. A bit less fun but wont eat a boss fight in a  minute.

  2. nah man, you’re thinking too D&D.

    instead look at the fiction, the only stuff that can fit into the shield are things that can fit through the ring. A struggling man is too big to fit, to say nothing of something like a dragon! 🙂

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