Thunder Drake (big mean lizard-thing)

Thunder Drake (big mean lizard-thing)

Thunder Drake (big mean lizard-thing)

solitary, large

HP 20, Armor 3 (scales & crest)

Gore, trample, swat: d10+3 damage (hand, close, forceful, messy, 1 piercing)

Special qualities: lightning-proof, hard of hearing

• Bellow

• Dig through dirt

• Gnaw on stone

• Sometimes: belch forth a zolt of lightning (reach, ignores armor, forceful)

Instinct: to protect its turf

When the you are near a thunder drake when it bellows, roll +CON: on a 10+, choose 1; on a 7-9, choose 2; on a miss, all three.

• Drop what you’re holding and cover your ears

• Stagger back a few steps

• You’re deafened and disoriented for a few moments

Sometimes, out on the Flats, you’ll see what looks to be small hills in the distance. I advise you to steer clear. They probably aren’t hills, really, but huge piles of dirt that a thunder drake has moved as it digs. And hoo boy, you do not want to stumble into of one them on their home turf.

Something interesting: thunder drakes mostly eat grass and shrubs, but they have a taste for certain stones. They split their time between grazing, sleeping and digging for those rocks.

Something useful: They’ve particularly got a taste for metal ores, especially copper ore. But they love aetherium, which is copper alloyed with lightning. If they find a vein of natural aetherium or man-made bits, they’ll chew it right up and spend the next few days belching lighting bolts.


7 thoughts on “Thunder Drake (big mean lizard-thing)”

  1. Beautiful, and much obliged. My Heavy is gonna be in for a world of hurt tomorrow night…

    Also can I just note how much I love having the “something interesting + something useful” for Spout Lore in the Bestiary entries? Very very good, full of interesting hooks for the GM, please keep it up throughout.

  2. Jeremy Strandberg Session ended up being called off last week. But given it’s nesting in the Ruined Tower and is all charged up with aetherium, all I can say is he’s damn lucky he’s got the Storm Markings xD

    We’re back on tonight, and I will let you know what happens…

  3. Jeremy Strandberg if he hadn’t had Storm Markings, it would have been much much worse…

    First time it spat lightning he unlocked Storm’s Fury, and shortly thereafter landed a 16-damage hit. The Marshall’s arm got half-removed (that messy tag) and one of the Crew died, but otherwise it went alright.

    Though the Fox went wandering, and used her mysterious key from the Tall Tales to open the door into the portal chamber.

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