Hunting Drakes

Hunting Drakes

Hunting Drakes

horde, small, stealthy, organized, cautious

HP 3, Armor 1 (quick reflexes)

Sawtooth teeth d6 damage (hand)

● Dart through tall grass unseen, unheard

● Surround their prey

● Bite down and pull in one direction while a packmate pulls in the other (messy)

Instinct: to bring down easy prey

Sneaky little dog-sized critters that prowl the Flats. Hunt in packs ranging from six to a couple dozen. Just the worst.

What’s the surest sign of their presence?

What do all wise travelers do to keep them at bay?

Which of you has seen them tear apart their prey? What haunts you about it to this day?


6 thoughts on “Hunting Drakes”

  1. 1) boots with feet still inside littering the area.

    2) its said that hanging old smelly boots about your caravan will keep these drakes at bay. But that’s only what I’ve heard

  2. ‘My hamlet was ravaged by a pack of drakes when I was just a girl. My father held my mouth shut in the brush. I still hear the wet pops of the drakes feasting on our people. My mother dress, bloody, hanging from its mouth, waving as if to say goodbye.’

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