This is totally #stonetop.

This is totally #stonetop.

This is totally #stonetop.

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Plain of Jars, Laos

Shrouded in myth, megalithic stone jars are scattered across Xieng Khouang Province in groups from one to one hundred. A working theory is that the huge cylindrical jars were used in ancient funeral ceremonies, though local legend has it that the jars were used to brew rice wine for giants. In the 1960s Northern Laos was subject to a massive aerial bombardment by the USA and it’s only been relatively recently that some areas have been cleared and declared safe for visitors.

Strange remnants like theses fire up the imagination. I like to send my players into bezarre locations and offer them unresolved mysteries like theses. What the imagine is often true gold and I like to implememt some half truth from that on the fly.

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  1. I like to do the same thing, but I never feel comfortable about it if I don’t have some idea of what these things are really for. And the mysteries of this one boggle my mind. What really could these stone jars have been for? And why are they scattered around like this? Who made them? Why? I know we can come up with myths about it, or use the myths such as the rice wine for giants, but … I just imagine that the real truth is so much more fascinating than that. I just can’t imagine what it could be.

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