Fadyn (tricksy fox spirit)

Fadyn (tricksy fox spirit)

Fadyn (tricksy fox spirit)

solitary, small, magical, spirit, stealthy, devious, intelligent, cautious

HP 12, Armor 1 (reflexes)

Bite, scratches, knife (d6, hand)

● Appear as a fox, or as a pretty youth

● Follow and watch, glimpsed only rarely

● Play tricks on someone’s senses

● Ensnare someone in a pocket dimension

Instinct: to sate its curiosity

There are many dangers to those who travel the Flats. Hunting drakes. The nosgolau that lure the weak-willed from the Roads. Great gwythaints circling above and swooping down like thunder. All deadly. All to be feared.

But fear also the fox that follows you for miles on end. Fear the laughter of the beautify boy, glimpsed in tall grass. Fear what you see and hear. For the fadyn does not mean you harm, it merely finds you interesting, and wants to know what you will do. The magic of the Roads will not protect you. You’ll need all your wits for that.


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