Hey. If you remember me, it’s probably for my old Elf, Dwarf and Halfling bundle (available here: tinyurl.com/dwoldschool)

The response to it has been excellent, not just from reviews and play but from people inspired by them to create new classes. It’s practically a sub-genre by now, the race-as-class playbook, and congratulations to everyone who finds success with it. I’ve read many, and sometimes talked about a few. And the actual play reports are some of my favorite things in this world!

This is relevant because I have now released my take on an Orc playbook, and I hope people will enjoy it as well. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/146465/The-Orc–A-Dungeon-World-Playbook

It may be the prelude of something more to come.


Anyone remember my Elf, Dwarf and Halfling? Even if you don’t, this could be for you! Presenting, The Orc!

Anyone remember my Elf, Dwarf and Halfling? Even if you don’t, this could be for you! Presenting, The Orc!

Anyone remember my Elf, Dwarf and Halfling? Even if you don’t, this could be for you! Presenting, The Orc!


(all thanks to Alex Norris for helping on editing and layout.)

So what’s the occasion? Nothing special, aside from all four of these and more besides featuring in an as-yet under wraps upcoming project. So that’ll be something to look forward to.


Mounted Combat 101

Mounted Combat 101

Mounted Combat 101

In light of 101 official sales (and hopefully many unofficial ones) of Mounted Combat, I have put together a little intro to specific tricks found within the book.

Reroll Moves. Mathematically speaking, a reroll move – like several mounted combat moves are – shifts the math of a roll upwards considerably. a Control +1 move with a reroll can have a very favorable curve even compared to a Control +3 move. This is why reroll moves are by preference triggered only under specific circumstances. But why would a reroll mechanic exist in Dungeon World when failure is cool and gets you XP? To encourage you to describe actions for that trigger and thus reinforce the “theme” of the mount.

So when you make a mount with a reroll move:

-Don’t let the mount be too controllable under other circumstances.

-limit the trigger.

-make the trigger enforce a core thematic point or cool thing the mount can do.

Mounts are equipment. And that means they can be taken away.

This is not a thematic touchstone I delve into in the book itself, but this is important; Make sure you know if this is going to be a game where mounts will die. A grim, gritty and hectic game where mounts are used and then left behind (or used as rations) will use the rules very differently from a game where a mount is a recurring feature of a character and is treated as a beloved companion.

Vehicles, navigation and chase scenes

Vehicles are a conveyance between two or more points. Very often in games, people will traverse from A to B with no real issue to cut out cruft and get to the “meat” of the story. When vehicles are in play, you should treat the journey itself as an opportunity to throw threats at the group. Chase scenes are the classic touchstone, but even simpler things like bandits on the road or an attack which forces you to “circle the wagons” can work. A sea journey can be interrupted by a Kraken, and a flying ship journey can be interrupted by a… sky… Kraken. I’m not good with air monsters. More prosaically, you can introduce bad roads, valuable cargo, navigation problems and fantastic roads. Maybe an ancient dwarven empire laid a network of perfectly straight roads a thousand years ago (like historical romans did much to the marvel of medieval engineers), including straight through mountains and over oceans. What happens on such a road? Find out!

Vehicles are vehicles for stories, and they give the group toys to play with.

Mounted Wombat

Yes, the Mounted Wombat move can be stacked. (See my G+ history for details.)

Look forward to later in the month for a Print On Demand edition of the book!

Dungeon World: Mounted Combat is out!

Dungeon World: Mounted Combat is out!

Dungeon World: Mounted Combat is out!


I’ve been waiting for this one, and I made it!

It’s also available as a bundle with the also newly-released Inverse World here: http://tinyurl.com/IWbundle


Alright, it’s official! DW Race bundle is up for sale!

Alright, it’s official! DW Race bundle is up for sale!

Alright, it’s official! DW Race bundle is up for sale!

The bundle is here:


If for some reason you want each one individually (which really only gives the people involved larger tips), here they are:




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They’re all Creative Commons licensed, as is the artwork used for the covers (thanks to the Prismatic Art Collection  [ http://www.prismaticart.com ] and artist Kaitlynn Peavler). Additional thanks go to Alex Norris for layout and editing.

I just finished writing the very last entry in Mounted Combat.

I just finished writing the very last entry in Mounted Combat.

I just finished writing the very last entry in Mounted Combat.

Space Jammer

This vessel sails the invisible currents of space in order to explore distant worlds. Space Jammer can look like anything from strang sailing ships to the hollowed-out carcasses of massive insects.Welcome to the Space Jammer.

Huge, Aquatic, Flying, Space, Vehicle, Special Control, 20+ Passengers

Sailing Vessel

The ship only sails on top of water, not under it. It has sails and oars, comes with plenty of nautical-related equipment and rope, and can carry far more cargo than a beast of its size could.

Space Vessel

The Space Jammer comes with its own life support which can support its crew near indefinetly so long as it makes frequent stops in atmospheres the crew can breathe in. It has subjective gravity: Down is only down because the vessel says so, and anything tossed overboard will orbit the vessel and come up on the other side if one is not careful.

Space Jammer Throne (Pilot Move)

The Space Jammer must be piloted by a special pilot (called the Jammer) who provides the ship with direction and will. The Space Jammer’s Control stat is equal to the Jammer’s WIS or INT modifier, whichever is lower, but will never go below zero. While in the throne, the Jammer can observe everything around the vessel and feel it as if it were their own body (and thus Discern Realities as normal), and they may converse freely with anyone aboard the vessel wherever they are. (The jammer cannot actually intrude on the privacy of the cabins, or so they claim.) The Jammer may use the higher of WIS or INT rather than lower by pushing their minds and bodies to the limit, always taking at least 1d4 damage which ignores armor whenever they do something under the strain and possibly suffering other effects.

Ships, Ho! (Pilot Move)

When you Defy Danger to outsail or outmaneuver an enemy vessel, add this ship’s Control stat to your Defy Danger roll.

Get them, Lads! (Passenger Move)

When you swing on the ship’s Solar rigging to board an opposing vehicle and hack and slash up close and personal, add the ship’s Control rating to your damage roll. On a miss, in addition to the usual effects, you drop into the luminiferous æther and orbit the combat-locked vessels.


Unlike regular mounts, vehicles have a special form of damage called Marks. They have 3 Marks unless otherwise noted. When a vehicle takes 10 or more points of damage from a single attack, remove one Mark from that vehicle. The GM will then tell you what the damage means, such as the loss of a move, -1 Ongoing to Control or Armor (if any), a narrative effect of some kind or similar. A Vehicle which loses all of its Marks does not function at all until it has been repaired after you Make Camp. A vehicle’s armor rating does count against the damage it receives.

Instead of Control Mount, you get Control Vehicle and Jury Rig:

Control Vehicle

When your vehicle skids and shakes under difficult conditions or powerful attack, roll +Control. On a 10+, you control the vehicle skillfully. On a 7-9, the GM chooses one.

-A passenger or crewmember is briefly stunned as they slam into something.

-A sudden mechanical fault makes the situation more precarious.

-The vehicle briefly spins out of control and doesn’t quite go where the pilot intended.

Jury Rig

When you have to repair damage to a vehicle on the fly, roll +INT. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one. On a 6 or less, choose one anyway but some side effect of the repair will cause another fault at an inopportune moment (the GM will tell you when).

-The vehicle regains use of a Move.

-The vehicle suffers one less Ongoing penalty.

-You repair any onboard equipment which requires it.

-You give the vehicle a temporary boost, granting the pilot +1 forward on the next roll involving Control.

And finally, the bare bones of a CC I’m working on.

Compendium Class: Adventuring Crewman

When you have been on exciting adventures in your beloved vehicle, you may take the following moves when you level up.

I cannot do it, Captain!

When you proclaim the impossibility of a task related to your vehicle and are told to do it anyway, gain +1 forward on that task.

Hot Shot Pilot

When you have a chance to show off your moves as a pilot, you may automatically take the 10+ results of any Control Vehicle rolls.

Love, Spit and Duct Tape

A vehicle you are occupying or piloting may continue moving even if it has no Marks left. You cannot use any Pilot or Passenger moves while it is in this state. The vehicle will not run again once you come to a stop. One more Mark of damage will halt the vehicle.

Now all I need is to get someone internet famous to write the introduction, eh?

Putting some finishing work on Dungeon World: Mounted Combat. I may have gone too far.

Putting some finishing work on Dungeon World: Mounted Combat. I may have gone too far.

Putting some finishing work on Dungeon World: Mounted Combat. I may have gone too far.

(Also for those who have been following for a while, Mount is now Control. It fit better with vehicles and the upcoming Inverse World.)


What’s more dangerous than a bear? You on a bear.

Large, Control +1, 1 Passengers, +1 Armor

Hugs and Clawses

When you hack and slash while riding a bear, you may always take the +1d6 damage option on a 10+ without exposing yourself to undue danger.

Get your Bearings

You may add the Bear’s Control stat to your Discern Realities rolls when you are in the woods.

Loaded for Bear

When you Volley while riding a bear, you may add the bear’s Control stat to your Volley roll.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m building my mounts towards the assumption that at some point, someone somewhere…

I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m building my mounts towards the assumption that at some point, someone somewhere…

I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m building my mounts towards the assumption that at some point, someone somewhere will make Fairy World where everyone is tiny.


Something crawls in the minds of most people on seeing a spider. They are the sensible ones. You, on the other hand, ride one.

Tiny, Mount +1, 1 Passengers

Wall Crawler

While riding a spider, you may climb walls and even cling to ceilings. You also always have spider silk which may be used as a rope. Given enough time and food, it may make a fine web.


When you parley with someone from atop a spider, add the spider’s Mount stat to your roll.


When you hack and slash a foe while riding a spider and down them, you may choose to let your foe live but have them be poisoned to unconsciousness and cocooned by your spider.

Frog, Toad


Tiny, Mount +1, Aquatic, 0 Passengers

Sticky Tongue

When you wish to hack and slash a somewhat distant foe, you may use your mount’s tongue to drag them to you so long as they are as large or smaller than this mount and then hack and slash them as normal.


When you defy danger to jump as far as you can, you may add this mount’s Mount stat to your roll and reroll it once on a miss.

Of course, the option will exist to make them bigger if you’re a boring old human-size person.

Giant: put “Giant” in front of this mount’s name (such as Giant Spider). This tag is only appropriate for mounts of Small size or below. It is now an exceptionally large variant of its species or make. Choose a size from Large, Huge, Gigantic or Gargantuan and apply it to the mount.

If you make it really big, you even open up entirely new options.


This construct allows one to travel in comfort and safety atop a massive beast.

Size Equals Beast, Mount Equals Beast, Vehicle, +1 Armor, 10 Passengers

Saddle Up

When you mount a howdah onto a huge or larger beast, the following applies. The Howdah may be mounted on any tame mount of Huge size or larger. It will take on the mount’s size and Mount stat. The rider retains the mount’s normal moves as Rider moves.If the mount is Aquatic or travels through Space, the Howdah must be designed to accommodate this: if this is done, the Howdah gains the appropriate tags.

Passenger Move: Firing Positions 

When you volley from atop this beast, add this mount’s Mount stat to all damage rolls.

Passenger Move: Small Onboard Catapult

When you fire firepots from the howdah’s onboard catapult, volley as normal (with the Reload tag). If you deal damage, you deal 1d4 damage which ignores armor to your target and everyone around them. Choose from the following on a 7-9.

-Snapped Rope! The catapult must be repaired before being fired again.

-Misfire! The firepot ruptures before landing, setting some part of the howdah alight.

-Out of Firepots! future shots only deal damage to the target, not to those surrounding it.

And I promise Inverse World (Jacob Randolph) compatability because… well, because I want to play Inverse World and ride through the sky atop a flying whale with a howdah on it. Duh.




Of course, of course.

Large, Mount +1, Passengers 1

Rider Move: Rear Up

When you hack and slash at the enemy while on a horse, the horse responds to your agression. You can add the Horse’s Mount stat to the damage of the attack, but the horse is attacked should your attack fail.

Rider Move: Ride like the Wind

When you defy danger to reach a destination as quickly as possible while on a horse, you can add the horse’s Mount stat as a bonus to the Defy Danger roll but the horse dies from exhaustion at the end of the ride.


Halfling War Wagon

Often a simple converted family wagon drawn by halfling ponies, a Halfling War Wagon protects halfling families who must travel in perilous lands.

Large, Mount +1, Passengers 4, +1 Armor

Rider Move: Scything Blades

When you hack and slash your foes with the scything blades of the war wagon’s wheels, you may add the wagon’s Mount stat as a bonus to damage rolls.

Passenger Move: Arrow Slits

When you attack from the sheltered safety of a War Wagon, you do not become exposed to the enemy should an attack fail.

Passenger Move: Halfling Rock Ballista

When you shoot your foes with the brutal rock-bolts of the wagon’s ballista, volley as normal (with the Messy tag) but choose from the following instead on a 7-9:

-The wagon jostles you hard, leaving you exposed to enemy fire

-The fired bolt causes some unfortunate collateral damage of the DM’s choice

-You had to improvise the ammo a little. lose an item of some value of your choice (such as cutlery, some coins and similar)


So this is what I’m working on, any questions?