8 thoughts on “Dungeon World: Mounted Combat is out!”

  1. On one hand, the pricing scheme for Dungeon World is very low. On the other, Dungeon World had the backing of a full kickstarter guaranteeing its funding well in advance, an advantage that I as a third party content producer do not have. To put it bluntly, it’s expensive to go cheap!

    However, the entire document is licensed under Creative Commons. Its content can and will be freely distributable, and the price simply reflects the effort and cost that went into producing Mounted Combat. It is, as with all my releases, primarily a way to tip me for my work and, if people enjoy it, to give me and everyone who worked with me a strong and clear incentive to produce more – the royalties are divided among several highly creative and helpful people. (And it did cost me money to make! )

    So if it is too expensive right now, that’s fair enough. But it has that price for some good reasons, and that’s all I ask people to understand. 

  2. Don’t sweat it, Andri Erlingsson, seriously. Content creators have a habit of undervaluing their work. You can grab more people with a sale down the road and worst case you can lower the price later.

    More importantly, where can we buy that camel? (#orwhateverthehellthatis)

  3. The title implies 64 pages of mounted combat rules but the brief description makes it seem like there is more to it. What exactly is in the book?

  4. The mount rules, about fifty+ pages of mounts and vehicles, equipment for same, suggestions for integraring mounts into starting equipment and guidelines for how to make your own. Also a toc, an index (internally hyperlinked) and funny quotes in the margins.

  5. Oh, and someone asked me elsewhere: these rules are 100% compatible with the ones I wrote for Inverse World, and there are no fully duplicate mounts or vehicles between them; each one has unique mounts. ( although you could argue the skyship from IW is similar to a regular sailing ship in MC with the Flying tag added. )

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