Of course, of course.

Large, Mount +1, Passengers 1

Rider Move: Rear Up

When you hack and slash at the enemy while on a horse, the horse responds to your agression. You can add the Horse’s Mount stat to the damage of the attack, but the horse is attacked should your attack fail.

Rider Move: Ride like the Wind

When you defy danger to reach a destination as quickly as possible while on a horse, you can add the horse’s Mount stat as a bonus to the Defy Danger roll but the horse dies from exhaustion at the end of the ride.


Halfling War Wagon

Often a simple converted family wagon drawn by halfling ponies, a Halfling War Wagon protects halfling families who must travel in perilous lands.

Large, Mount +1, Passengers 4, +1 Armor

Rider Move: Scything Blades

When you hack and slash your foes with the scything blades of the war wagon’s wheels, you may add the wagon’s Mount stat as a bonus to damage rolls.

Passenger Move: Arrow Slits

When you attack from the sheltered safety of a War Wagon, you do not become exposed to the enemy should an attack fail.

Passenger Move: Halfling Rock Ballista

When you shoot your foes with the brutal rock-bolts of the wagon’s ballista, volley as normal (with the Messy tag) but choose from the following instead on a 7-9:

-The wagon jostles you hard, leaving you exposed to enemy fire

-The fired bolt causes some unfortunate collateral damage of the DM’s choice

-You had to improvise the ammo a little. lose an item of some value of your choice (such as cutlery, some coins and similar)


So this is what I’m working on, any questions?

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  1. Chocobo

    Large, Mount +1, Passengers 1

    Rider Move: Chocobo Jump

    When you defy danger to reach a destination by using your Chocobos jumping prowers and wings you can add the horse’s Mount stat as a bonus to the Defy Danger if you are not carring more then 3 load. 

    or something like that ?

  2. Andri Erlingsson did you talk about your mount supplement earlier? Someone mentioned working on that before and i was really intrigued then. So was that you?

  3. Something like that yeah! And yes it was me Tim Franzke, I’ve been doing this one for a while. I’m working on the Unhorsing move, but it goes something like this:

    Control Mount

    When your mount is directly attacked, becomes startled or fears your enemy, roll +Mount. On a 10+, you remain mounted. On a 7-9, you become unhorsed, and your mount leaves the scene but will not go so far that you cannot mount it again when the danger is passed. On a miss, your mount also becomes injured, tired or too frightened to carry you until it has received care and rest.

    With the additional note that some mounts (skeleton horses for instance) will be immune to one or more of the triggers, as will particularly Loyal or Battle-Hardened mounts. This is still being fine tuned.

  4. Oh, and I’m making this into a fairly large supplement with at latest count over 40 examples of mounts and vehicles. Sage LaTorra  (or was it Adam Koebel?) asked for a giant corgi so that’s in by default.

  5. Change the control horse move to say “When your mount starts to buck due to injury, fear or shock,” then all you need to do is have passing mention in the individual mount entries that they do not buck due to x, y, or z.

  6. Bear, Moose, Alpaca/Llama, Dinosaurs, Space Dinosaurs, non-copyrighted Magic Spaceships and flightless birds, Sandworms, Coeurl, and a ship you can harness to a sea monster like a chariot, among other things.

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