I just finished writing the very last entry in Mounted Combat.

I just finished writing the very last entry in Mounted Combat.

I just finished writing the very last entry in Mounted Combat.

Space Jammer

This vessel sails the invisible currents of space in order to explore distant worlds. Space Jammer can look like anything from strang sailing ships to the hollowed-out carcasses of massive insects.Welcome to the Space Jammer.

Huge, Aquatic, Flying, Space, Vehicle, Special Control, 20+ Passengers

Sailing Vessel

The ship only sails on top of water, not under it. It has sails and oars, comes with plenty of nautical-related equipment and rope, and can carry far more cargo than a beast of its size could.

Space Vessel

The Space Jammer comes with its own life support which can support its crew near indefinetly so long as it makes frequent stops in atmospheres the crew can breathe in. It has subjective gravity: Down is only down because the vessel says so, and anything tossed overboard will orbit the vessel and come up on the other side if one is not careful.

Space Jammer Throne (Pilot Move)

The Space Jammer must be piloted by a special pilot (called the Jammer) who provides the ship with direction and will. The Space Jammer’s Control stat is equal to the Jammer’s WIS or INT modifier, whichever is lower, but will never go below zero. While in the throne, the Jammer can observe everything around the vessel and feel it as if it were their own body (and thus Discern Realities as normal), and they may converse freely with anyone aboard the vessel wherever they are. (The jammer cannot actually intrude on the privacy of the cabins, or so they claim.) The Jammer may use the higher of WIS or INT rather than lower by pushing their minds and bodies to the limit, always taking at least 1d4 damage which ignores armor whenever they do something under the strain and possibly suffering other effects.

Ships, Ho! (Pilot Move)

When you Defy Danger to outsail or outmaneuver an enemy vessel, add this ship’s Control stat to your Defy Danger roll.

Get them, Lads! (Passenger Move)

When you swing on the ship’s Solar rigging to board an opposing vehicle and hack and slash up close and personal, add the ship’s Control rating to your damage roll. On a miss, in addition to the usual effects, you drop into the luminiferous æther and orbit the combat-locked vessels.


Unlike regular mounts, vehicles have a special form of damage called Marks. They have 3 Marks unless otherwise noted. When a vehicle takes 10 or more points of damage from a single attack, remove one Mark from that vehicle. The GM will then tell you what the damage means, such as the loss of a move, -1 Ongoing to Control or Armor (if any), a narrative effect of some kind or similar. A Vehicle which loses all of its Marks does not function at all until it has been repaired after you Make Camp. A vehicle’s armor rating does count against the damage it receives.

Instead of Control Mount, you get Control Vehicle and Jury Rig:

Control Vehicle

When your vehicle skids and shakes under difficult conditions or powerful attack, roll +Control. On a 10+, you control the vehicle skillfully. On a 7-9, the GM chooses one.

-A passenger or crewmember is briefly stunned as they slam into something.

-A sudden mechanical fault makes the situation more precarious.

-The vehicle briefly spins out of control and doesn’t quite go where the pilot intended.

Jury Rig

When you have to repair damage to a vehicle on the fly, roll +INT. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one. On a 6 or less, choose one anyway but some side effect of the repair will cause another fault at an inopportune moment (the GM will tell you when).

-The vehicle regains use of a Move.

-The vehicle suffers one less Ongoing penalty.

-You repair any onboard equipment which requires it.

-You give the vehicle a temporary boost, granting the pilot +1 forward on the next roll involving Control.

And finally, the bare bones of a CC I’m working on.

Compendium Class: Adventuring Crewman

When you have been on exciting adventures in your beloved vehicle, you may take the following moves when you level up.

I cannot do it, Captain!

When you proclaim the impossibility of a task related to your vehicle and are told to do it anyway, gain +1 forward on that task.

Hot Shot Pilot

When you have a chance to show off your moves as a pilot, you may automatically take the 10+ results of any Control Vehicle rolls.

Love, Spit and Duct Tape

A vehicle you are occupying or piloting may continue moving even if it has no Marks left. You cannot use any Pilot or Passenger moves while it is in this state. The vehicle will not run again once you come to a stop. One more Mark of damage will halt the vehicle.

Now all I need is to get someone internet famous to write the introduction, eh?

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