Divine Mounts and Bestow 

One part of the Paladins mechanical identity in previous games was the ability to summon a divine steed to ride on. This alone is a cool idea but it’s utility is kind of hit and miss.

Magic the Gathering just introduced a mechanic called bestow wherein you could cast creatures that are made by the gods. Not only as creatures mind you but also as boosting, aura effects.

Combining these two ideas how about this:

Create a new move that allows the Paladin to summon a divine companion based on their god. However, ones they have been bestowed with  such a creature they can bind the creature to themselves to get some kind of boon. 

The companion, when summoned, would use Andri Erlingsson s Mount rules or can be used as a boon. I am not sure if the boon should be an active move they could use or a passive fiction thing but it is something that could work right? 




A general mechanic idea i can’t put into rules language 

Divine Favor

Dedicate yourself to a deity (name a new one or choose one that’s already been established). You gain the commune and cast a spell cleric moves. When you select this move, treat yourself as a cleric of level 1 for using spells. Every time you gain a level thereafter, increase your effective cleric level by 1.

this is a perfectly fine move i think, however we could make it more different from the cleric. 

Give the Paladin Spellcasting as a possible Boon option (after taking a move?). Whenever the Paladin fights for their deity (by smiting something/someone that is against the deity) they gain 1 divine hold and can spend this hold to just cast a spell from a limited list. The spelllist is depended on the kind of deity it is i think (some kind of domain system). They would have level 1-3 effects mostly to not step on THE divine spellcaster so much. 

How do you like this?

Reflexive Questing

Reflexive Questing

Reflexive Questing 


With Paladin Quests there are 2 extremes. Big-longass quests that dedicated what the game will be about for the whole group or reflexive/instant questing. 

The first is a problem because it dictates a lot of things for the other characters, the second one breaks the quest move. 

Here is an example of what might happen.

GM: there is a patrol of Dark-Elves approaching you on Lizard Mounts!

Wizard: spouts lore

GM: *tells something about extremly wicked and deadly Dark-Elf poison

Paladin: “In the name of Anor! I will slay these Dark Elves, a great blight of the land. And i want immunity to their poison and a sense of dircetion to them so that i can find them even in darkness.” 

This is basically for 1 fight. The restrictions of holy vows won’t hit you as much. You will use mostly honorable tactics anyway i think and the others aren’t of much use either. 

So just declaring Quests for a short instant bonus is a really cheap trick. 

Nothing in the game says what is needed to dedicate yourself on a Quest. It could be a short Prayer between Paladin and God or a big ceremony requiring the Archduke of Canterbury (a sentient Owl-Bear that became one of Anors most holy crusaders).

Make sure you ask questions about these things in your first session to clear it up and create a precedent.  

#PaladinWeek  Level 6-10 Move

#PaladinWeek  Level 6-10 Move

#PaladinWeek  Level 6-10 Move

I vow it! Nay! I Oath it!

You may declare one last Quest as an Oath. When you do, you get all boons that can be granted to you. The GM will tell you what vows are required to keep during this Oath-Quest. In addition, every time you do something not related to your Oath-Quest you will have to Defy the Danger of the divine Oath-Magic. 

When you fullfil your Oath-Quest retire your character. 

(not entirely serious) 

I heard it was #paladinweek  and thought I’d drop a little paladin AP:

I heard it was #paladinweek  and thought I’d drop a little paladin AP:

I heard it was #paladinweek  and thought I’d drop a little paladin AP:

Lucia’s XP Log:

1 XP for failing to fend off the octapoids on the ship

1 XP for looting the chest (end of session)

1 XP for resolving the bond “Shrike has stood by me in battle and can be trusted completely.” (end of session)

1 XP for refusing to help save an outlaw ensnared by a cephalopod (alignment).

1 XP for failing to hack and slash through some particularly animate floura.

1 xp for falling in the plants, again.

1 xp for failing to defend Shanna from the cephalopods.

1 XP for failing to push through the Octapoids.

1 XP for learning about the octopoid’s great migration. (End of session)

1 XP for defeating the decaturge. (End of session)

-8 xp for Level Up, now level 2 with 2 XP left over. Bloody Aegis

1 XP for leaving Kristoff and Balbas to their fates (alignment).

1 XP for uncovering the plot against the empire.(End of session)

1 XP for overcoming Kristoff and Balbas.(End of session)

1 XP for recovering the prisoner Hobart. (End of session)

1 XP for failing to notice the animals’approach

1 XP for failing to beat a small wolf with a scabbarded sword.

1 XP for getting lost in thought when I should have been scouting.

1 XP for learning about the Entropic & Dis. (End of session)

1 XP for defeating the blink wolves. (End of session)

1 XP for forcing Hobart to kneel to the will of the empire. (End of session)

-9 XP for Level Up, now level 3 with 3 xp left over. Staunch Defender

1st quest: Bring Hobart to justice

2nd quest: Protect my companions in this new realm.

Currently: Questioning a giant about a missing halfling with Dis in the distance.




So what moves have people made for Paladins? I have been working on hacking the base classes and made some new Paladin moves. Any feedback is appreciated. 

Holy Shield

Requires: A shield

Your shield glows with the holy energy of your god. When you Defend an ally, you may spend 1 Hold to knock one attacker back with divine power after they make their attack. Deal damage to them. 

Aura of Thorns

Whenever you take a moment and pray for divine protection, roll+WIS.

✴On a 10+: When you or an ally within near of you takes damage from an opponent, that opponent takes 1d4 damage.

✴On a 7-9: Suffer a debility, or take -1 ongoing while you maintain the aura. 

The aura ends when you lose concentration on maintaining it’s effect. 

In another #PaladinWeek post, I offered up a “Paladin of The Eye” (shared again in this post, below) as well as…

In another #PaladinWeek post, I offered up a “Paladin of The Eye” (shared again in this post, below) as well as…

In another #PaladinWeek post, I offered up a “Paladin of The Eye” (shared again in this post, below) as well as illustrating a “Goblin Paladin Shield” (in a different post). Combining these two ideas, here is a possible place of worship for a Goblin Paladin of The Eye I quickly made.

Paladin of the Eye (Racial Move)

The Eye watches over all, and has selected you to be one of its restless guardians. While you are on a quest, you require no sleep. However, should you fail to successfully complete your quest, The Eye shifts its gaze elsewhere, and you lose this ability.