So what moves have people made for Paladins? I have been working on hacking the base classes and made some new Paladin moves. Any feedback is appreciated. 

Holy Shield

Requires: A shield

Your shield glows with the holy energy of your god. When you Defend an ally, you may spend 1 Hold to knock one attacker back with divine power after they make their attack. Deal damage to them. 

Aura of Thorns

Whenever you take a moment and pray for divine protection, roll+WIS.

✴On a 10+: When you or an ally within near of you takes damage from an opponent, that opponent takes 1d4 damage.

✴On a 7-9: Suffer a debility, or take -1 ongoing while you maintain the aura. 

The aura ends when you lose concentration on maintaining it’s effect. 

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