Divine Mounts and Bestow 

One part of the Paladins mechanical identity in previous games was the ability to summon a divine steed to ride on. This alone is a cool idea but it’s utility is kind of hit and miss.

Magic the Gathering just introduced a mechanic called bestow wherein you could cast creatures that are made by the gods. Not only as creatures mind you but also as boosting, aura effects.

Combining these two ideas how about this:

Create a new move that allows the Paladin to summon a divine companion based on their god. However, ones they have been bestowed with  such a creature they can bind the creature to themselves to get some kind of boon. 

The companion, when summoned, would use Andri Erlingsson s Mount rules or can be used as a boon. I am not sure if the boon should be an active move they could use or a passive fiction thing but it is something that could work right? 

6 thoughts on “#PaladinWeek”

  1. It needs to be distinct from the Ranger’s animal companion. Restricting it to an advanced move for a fairly mundane mount, by which time the Ranger could have a monstrous companion, perhaps.

  2. You could do it as choosing an extra boon to represent your mount’s strength (mount is able to ride like the wind, shrug off anything but the vilest of magics, soar through the skies on celestial wings) at the expense of another vow?

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