Very similar to the Shaman, and a bit of a Pokemon master, this CC adds a little challenge catching spirits, while trying to leave out the ‘holy’ aspect of it. It does have allot of the word virtue, but with a STAT with the same name, its hard not to. I couldn’t think of another name for the STAT.


The Exorcist

Your experience as a purger of spirits has given rise to certain skills, providing you with power over them.

Symbol of Virtue

You have a symbol that represents your strongest virtue. It’s what gives you the power to command spirits. Describe your symbol and your Virtue, then choose a STAT that best suites that virtue, this is your max VIRTUE. The symbol has a weight of 1.

Spirit Imprisonment

When you attempt to imprison a spirit, whether roaming or of a dieing creature, within your Symbol of Virtue, describe how you do so and roll+VIRTUE.

10+ The Spirit is contained within your Symbol of Virtue, it gains 1 wt. The GM will give the spirit one move from its abilities when it was alive that it may perform when commanded.

7-9 The spirit is captured, but your VIRTUE is also reduced by 1.

Command Spirit

When you command a spirit, free or imprisoned, you must first roll+VIRTUE.

10+ The Spirit will perform a move within its abilities when it was alive.

7-9 It will perform the command, but first needs some compelling. Choose 1:

-> Show the power of your virtue, reduce your VIRTUE by 1.

-‎> You will free it from your imprisonment.

-‎> Why does the spirit linger in this plane? Make a deal with the spirit and help it to the next.

My Virtues

When you rest for more than a few hours and have time to contemplate your role, increase your VIRTUE to max.

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