I’ve been seeing allot of CC’ s lately and wanted to add my own take on a few. First up, the Vampire. I like to keep them simple and slim, almost suited for WoDu. Thoughts?


The Vampire

Blood Drinker

When you drink the blood of a living creature, hold 2 BLOOD (may not exceed 2). You deal additional damage equal to your BLOOD.

Spend BLOOD to do the following, 1 for 1.

-> The blood rushes through your veins and you can feel its life renew you. Heal for 1d4 hp.

-‎> You satisfy a hunger, unmark a box under The Hunger.

-‎> Peer into the victim’s memories. Ask the GM a question the character would know, the GM will give you an honest answer.

Creature of the Night

As a creature of night, the sunlight causes you harm. You must Defy Danger when ever you are exposed to the sun’s rays.

On Blood, Sustained

You do not need to consume food. When ever you would normally consume a ration, instead spend BLOOD. If you have none left, mark a box under The Hunger.

The Hunger

Cursed with the need for blood from the living, you have an insatiable hunger and overwhelming desire to feed on them. When hunger strikes, mark a box.

[ ] The need for sustenance can be debilitating at times. Mark a debility.

[ ] Fragile and slow, you deal -1d4 damage.

[ ] You can’t hardly hold yourself up. Your load becomes 2.

When you would mark a box, and all boxes are marked, instead your hunger overwhelms you and you go on an all out feeding frenzy, killing everything alive and vulnerable. You wake up a few hours later, and so long as you fed on your kill during the frenzy, with 4 BLOOD held and all hungers satisfied.


Ideas came from the post below. A much more detailed CC.


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  1. Thanks for mentioning me! Like the other ccs you just posted, it looks simple and awesome! I just think rolling to drink blood in order to determine the number of hold.

  2. Mathor Sionur I tried a take without rolls. I figure, youd have to roll Defy Danger anyway to get the chance against a target able to protect themselves. Sleeping however, drink away muhahha

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