This was an old one I posted and the tavern perfected. I’ll post the fixed version and a link to the original. Byfar this is my favorite alternative to the druid move….hands down.



When you drink the blood of an animal, you may transform yourself into its likeness leaving behind your possessions. You have abilities and can perform tasks associated with the form. Hold HUMANITY equal to your WIS.

When you perform a form move, reduce your HUMANITY by 1 (minimum of -3).

When you attempt to revert to your original form, Roll+HUMAMITY

10+ You revert to normal.

7-9 You revert to normal, but have a lingering aspect of the animal which may express itself at inopportune times.

6- You are stuck as the animal till you fully rest.

When you fully rest, restore your HUMANITY and revert to normal without sideeffects.


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