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  1. I really don’t know about this project. The tone sounds right up my alley but there isn’t really any meat there at the moment. It looks like the system isn’t really fleshed out all that well. I don’t really like kickstarters where I pay them to right the book. Not to mention how much it costs. $60 for a book is ridiculous, nothing costs that much unless its in the 500 page area, which I don’t think this will be. If I am wrong let me know I would love to be able to get a worthwhile product out of this.

  2. Shadi Alhusary 60CAD is pricey, but this is definitely a case of supporting the artist and paying for something beautiful made in small numbers. Think of it like buying a limited edition print, but there’s a game in it. 

    Even so, the hard copy might not be for everyone. But I could easily see getting 2- tickets-to-the-cinema’s worth of enterainment out of the e-book.

    As for getting a worthwhile product; Kickstarters are pretty much always a gamble, especially ambitious ones.

  3. There is a crocodile-snail on the first image i see. Its not AW for me and I am atm motivated to give it a shot. I dont say people have to see it as a replacement for AW at all. The tone seems bleak in a comicesk style which captured my interest in the moment my eyes hit it.

    Looks like Postapo in an Adventure Time cloak (Which is, if you dont know, also a Postapo world)

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