11 thoughts on “Very excited about DW.”

  1. Hi Mike! What approach are you taking to your first adventure? Basing it on an Adventure Starter, something you’ve written in advance, an old D&D module, or going to be putting it together on the fly based on your players?

  2. It will be pretty loose i think, which is how I tend to run things anyway. My last campaign began with a barely sketched map, and very few details, etc. 

  3. I imagine I will – I’ve not been this excited about a new RPG in some time. I’ve sold 5 other DM’s and a number of potential players on it already, hehe

  4. I have 5 people very new to table top rpg’s that I will be running this for and I really enjoy running games for newcomers 😉

  5. Suggestion, for their sake: Put the list of Basic Moves and special moves on a card for each of them (don’t even worry about the description, just use it as a cue). Remind them that unlike in board games they can do pretty much whatever common sense allows for, but it’s these things that will directly engage the mechanics.

  6. Shawn McCarthy Love the idea of cards – probably because I have a ton of them (3×5). That said, I have a large whiteboard by my gaming table i was thinking i could put some of this info on, etc – thanks again for the suggestion!

  7. Glad you’re excited! I’m not the hugest fan of move cards, because they can feel a little restrictive. I don’t know why this is, maybe it’s because the player can pick up a card and hold on to it, but people get more set on their move than what their character is doing. That said, for some groups it really rocks! 

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