6 thoughts on “I just picked up a copy of this and would love to play a game. Any one running anything today?”

  1. Aww thats a shame, thanks for the reply though. Flicking through the rules it seems like a great game for pick up games (ones a GM knows the rules) as things are mostly made up on the fly. 

  2. Well, I am a business owner and family man, so my gaming time significantly limited. The gaming I often end up doing is with my kids. A few years ago, I ran a DnD4e game for my son and a few friends. We played every other Sunday, and prep for those games was killing me. The games were FUN but I put a lot of time in to get ready for them. With DW, my prep time is pretty much in the slivers of time when I can let me mind wander and dream up dangers and challenges for the PCs. Very little time needs to be spent actually writing things down, spec’ing it out, etc. 

    I really like that this is a lot like how I “used” to play D&D went back in the 80s. As a poor student, I had lots of free time and very little money, so I couldn’t buy supplements all the time. Some of the players had memorized the monster manual(s), so I liked to come up with my own monsters to keep them guessing. I played more than I planned, so a lot of things were map sketches, brief notes about traps and monsters, and a whole lot of “winging it”. Some of the best games, ever!  

    DW now allows me in my busy schedule to “wing it” so much easier. Games are creative and much more memorable. And little or not time with noses in books trying to figure out the rules to use in this situation or that…

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