Combat Question

Combat Question

Combat Question

When facing multiple opponents, and the player rolls a 10+,  what do you do about the ones poking him in the back that he cannot defend against?

If I remember correctly, you decide how many can effectively attack him and how many he can effectively defend against.  Unless his back is against a wall, the latter will be greater than the former and that/those will deal damage.

Is that correct?

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  1. It depends.

    Hack & Slash is not required to be a single pass or blow – a 10+ in this situation could mean that the PC is spinning and attacking foes on all sides, or has pushed the foes in front back so those behind can no longer attack. 

    Your interpretation is also plausible, if that’s how the character and circumstances fall out.

  2. Deal damage to the PC if you are in a position to make a hard move, regardless of whether the PC is outnumbered. So on a 10+ H&S, you’re not in a position to deal damage.

  3. Kasper Brohus , I know about how much damage to deal.  This is about when to deal it.  I believe I read a discussion before, somewhere, about being able to defend yourself against so many opponents, and when that number is exceeded, and the fiction allows enough of them to attack you, they deal their damage.

  4. I’d say surrounding a player with monsters is what is adequately described as an “attack”, as by the 7-9 result on hack and slash. After that, all bets are off. He’ll have to defy danger to escape this disadvantage, or he can ignore it, hacking away anyway, giving you a golden opportunity. Does that make sense?

  5. Sure, surrounding someone with enemies can give you the fictional positioning to call for a DD roll in order to H&S. That’s one of those dials the GM can set using the fiction.

  6. I use it for my next setup move.

    There are 4 of them an you can keep 2 at bay easy and keep track of the third. The last one can stay on your blind side though. What do you do?

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