Ok, I know I shouldn’t ask for this thing, in a game powered by Apocalypse.

Ok, I know I shouldn’t ask for this thing, in a game powered by Apocalypse.

Ok, I know I shouldn’t ask for this thing, in a game powered by Apocalypse… however: some weapon has “two handed” tag, and all we know what it stands for. In a lot of systems, it’s a limiting thing, ’cause that weapon is probably more powerful, but it uses the second hand, useful (usally) for a shield.

So, yesterday I was creating a Fighter, and ih the weapon construction I chose tags trying to model an heavy two handed sword (a la Berserk’s Dragonslayer). I obviously figurated it like a two handed weapon, while there isn’t that tag in the standard list. 

In the fiction, I picked up an enemy shield, to better defend a mage ally. Now, as a “rule lawyer” I’d tell I can easily wield the shield AND my huge sword, ’cause it hasn’t the 2H tag in the sheet, while as a “true player” I shouldn’t use them both.

Now, why there isn’t that tag? Why to not have a nice mechanic bonus (+2-damage ?) with an attached limitation (one is in the fiction, so I can’t easily grasp things with the other hand, the other could be “cannot use shield”, so I have to give away the chance to get that +1 armor)?

Hints? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I’d say if the fictional logic says you can’t use both then you can’t.

    But really I’m just totally distracted by the idea of a Munchkin World hack… 😉

  2. I always wondered why the two-handed wasn’t a fighter tag.

    I agree just fictional limitation would be fine. And the tag could be a greater benefit than standard tags fighter tags because the limitation is ongoing.

    Now what’s that talk about Munchkin World…!

  3. You’re the Fighter, so you get to decide.  If you think it’d be cool to wield your unique oversized two-handed sword with one hand, then do it.  It’s not cheating.

    But if you establish that, even with your strength and familiarity with the weapon, you still need to use two hands, then stick to that.  In that case, maybe petition the GM to allow you a +1 dmg bonus (similar to the other two handed weapons in the equipment section).  

    Fighters should be encouraged to make their weapons special and fun.

  4. “More damage” is not what the fighter needs. What are the fictional benefits of using a weapon that takes 2 hands? How does it change your fighting style? (Hint: check nightmare from soul calibur.)

    Great sweeping arcs of death that assault multiple foes in a single sweep. Incredibly forceful weight and momentum, gaping, messy wounds. The fighter can craft a weapon with these tags without needing to specify 2 handed though, so what else is a benefit in using a 2 handed weapon?

  5. Are we talking about The Fighter or Two-handed weapons?  

    I think +1 damage is pretty cool for a staff wielding wizard, should he ever use it that way.  I don’t see him getting all forceful and messy with it.

  6. Richard Robertson both things. I was curious about the “missing” two-handed tag in the Fighter weapon’s creation AND I was thinking if this particular tag should give any mechanic bonus, ’cause it’s quite limiting occupy both hands  with a single weapon (ie. in the fiction you could be hindered AND you can’t use shields, so less protection).

  7. Well, I have an issue with the Signature Weapon creation menu anyway.  IMO, The Fighter should be able to pick any existing default weapon and add his or her tags to it.  As it stands, you get a dagger or a whip that weighs more than a longsword.  That longsword, btw, already does +1 damage, but yours will have to be serrated to do +1 damage.  …anyway…  

    I think the best solution is not a blanket one. I think the benefit of a two-handed sword will be different than a staff.  Perhaps the staff is just free, or so cheap, for example.  There are several variables to consider: cost, weight, two-handed and range should all be considered.

  8. As someone pointed out when I asked a related question, there is a two-handed tag. Its a general, rather than a weapon tag. And its applied rather inconsistently; Halberds and Staffs have the tag, bows don’t, and there aren’t any two handed swords, axes or hammers.

    And the tag just means you can’t use it effectively with one hand, natch.

    As for what benefit it gives for a particular sword, then that’s up to you and your group

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