The Sorcerer’s Jewel

The Sorcerer’s Jewel

The Sorcerer’s Jewel

A “Map Not Required” Dungeon World Adventure by Mark Tygart

Inspired by the “Boinger and Zereth” short story The Sorcerer’s Jewel by Dr. Eric J. Holmes and the works of Edgar Allen Poe

Adventure Background

The young human had a map. Zereth had seen innumerable treasure maps, and he was not impressed with this one.

“Whoever sold you this, sire,” he said callously, tossing it down on the table between them, “did a poor job. The parchment isn’t even aged.”

“You wrong me, Sir Elf,” said the man, “for I never claimed this to be authentic. It was drawn yesterday; I saw it drawn myself.” The arched eyebrows of the black elf shot up on his forehead. “Drawn? By whom?”

“By Misteera the Medium.”

“At a séance?”

“Verily. The controlling spirit claimed to be one Yartoosh, a sorcerer dead these two thousand years.”

—The Sorcerer’s Jewel by John Eric Holmes (first published in Dragon #46, recently republished in Tales of Peril.)

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