Hey folks. It’s been a while since I did Inverse World Accelerated, but I’ve got a surprise for you!

Hey folks. It’s been a while since I did Inverse World Accelerated, but I’ve got a surprise for you!

Hey folks. It’s been a while since I did Inverse World Accelerated, but I’ve got a surprise for you!

Way back in 2013 when we switched from Fate Core to Accelerated I mentioned I’d try and do something with my Core notes. I had to put that on the back burner for a while for my own projects, but I’ve been tinkering with those notes for a while and eventually a game came out.

Fractured Skies is a spiritual sequel to Inverse World, with a post-apocalyptic vibe and a focus on cultural/economic exchange. If you liked Inverse World Accelerated you’ll probably like this, and you can make a Core version of Inverse World Accelerated with it pretty easily.

(And speaking of IWA, anyone who owned Inverse World Accelerated before today now has a coupon for 50% off this one.)

I hope you enjoy it!


Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone! Since Jacob Randolph posted about it, I thought I’d explain what the deal with Inverse World Accelerated is.

As a playable game, it’s been done for a while now, and the others have been putting it through editing. Since then, a few other Fate games (like Atomic Robo) have come out, and they’ve made me rethink how I write Fate. So, I convinced Jacob to let me touch IWA up.

Most of it is tone. My older work tended to be a little technical and long-winded, but now I’ve decided things flow much better if I make it more conversational. For example, I had a few stunts based off an old post by Fred Hicks (“The Actual Dichotomy of Absolutes”) that went like this:

“When you [specific approach/overcome action here], you can’t fail. If the dice say you would have failed, you can succeed at a minor cost instead.”

All well and good, but check this out:

“When you [specific approach/overcome action], you can always choose to succeed at a minor cost.”

Same thing, less words. I can even expand on what that means in the section about what stunts do and the chapter’s still shorter and smoother.

So, a lot of the redo has been cleaning up what I already wrote so it looks less like I am a robot programmed to produce bad Fate hacks. The rest is mostly layout. When I originally wrote this, I stuck a quick Fate Accelerated primer at the front and followed that up with character creation, new stunts, and all the other new crunch. It all worked, but now I’ve just baked the Fate guide into the rest of the rules instead of cramming it into the front, and that’s smoother and shorter too.

So, that’s what’s been up. Thanks for your patience! With any luck, backers should be getting their copy (or at least a draft they can use) pretty soon.

Oh yeah, heads up: Jacob Randolph has a completed copy of Inverse World Accelerated.

Oh yeah, heads up: Jacob Randolph has a completed copy of Inverse World Accelerated.

Oh yeah, heads up: Jacob Randolph has a completed copy of Inverse World Accelerated. All it needs now is layout, checking for errors, noticing some huge problem I missed, gently weeping into an empty pint mug, et cetera.

To pass the time until then, here’s one of the sample characters! If you still have time left over afterward, try reading it again.

Little Agatha

Little Agatha is a veteran bug collector. Flying bugs, glowing bugs singing bugs, dancing bugs, fire-breathing bugs, she’s caught ’em all. Everyone treats her like an old grandma, but cross her friends and you’ll be reminded how scary grandmas can get.

High Concept: Cheerful Bug Lady

Trouble: Grandma Elemental

Other Aspects: Been There, Done That; Tougher Than I Look; I Need To Care For Avon


Careful: Good (+3)

Clever: Fair (+2)

Flashy: Average (+1)

Forceful: Average (+1)

Quick: Mediocre (+0)

Sneaky: Fair (+2)


Stun Spore: Because some of her pet butterflies carry numbing powder, Agatha gets +2 to Sneakily creating advantages related to numbing and paralysis.

Trained Insects: Many of Agatha’s bugs have been trained to accomplish practical tasks. Twice per session, she can produce one of them for a free boost.

(may take one more stunt without reducing refresh)

Stress: 3

Consequences: -2 / -4 / -6

Refresh: 3

Hey guys, just letting you know about some Inverse World Fate news:

Hey guys, just letting you know about some Inverse World Fate news:

Hey guys, just letting you know about some Inverse World Fate news:

Inverse World Fate is now being switched to Fate Accelerated.

We decided it’s a better fit for Inverse World, and as a bonus it’s also easier for people who don’t know Fate to grasp.

If you were hoping for Fate Core specifically, though, don’t fret: When this is done, I’ll also throw up a pdf or something with all my Core stuff that got cut for FAE, so either way you’ll get your conversion. Technically now you are getting two!

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! I’m the guy writing the Fate version. I thought I would post some information about what I’m doing, and a quick preview. If you have any questions please sound off in the comments.

Fate Core

Inverse World Fate will be using Fate Core. The book is being written for people who haven’t checked it out yet, with a quick primer and no fancy new tricks in the base character creation rules. If you don’t know Fate Core, you’ll probably still want to get it for an in-depth look at aspects and such, but you should be able to play Inverse World Fate without it.

Converting Inverse World

The short version is I am converting as many moves as I can into stunts. Some of them don’t necessarily need a stunt, because Fate skills cover it: for example, the Collector’s Curiosity move as written is basically an Investigation check. In those cases, I am either writing something similar that fits the spirit of the move, replacing it with something else, or sometimes just dropping it.

There will be a lot of other stuff in this book (basically as many extras and alternate character rules as I have time for before Brandon Schmelz tells me “stop faffing about and give us the Goddamn book”) but I hope you guys like lists of stunts.

The Class Thing

Okay, so there are no classes in Inverse World. What is the deal?

Here is the deal: Stunts converted from classes are listed together. If you have an aspect that justifies it, you can take those stunts. Or you can just reskin the stunt and use it anyway. Some stunts have requirements, mostly out of necessity – stunts that improve the Mechanic’s suit need you to have the suit first, for example.

Short Preview

Here are some stunts! Feel free to pick them apart.

Cutting Remark: You get +2 to Fight attacks, provided you can make a quip or pun that gets a reaction from the rest of the table. If someone laughs, you get +3.

Acting Natural: You can spend a Fate Point to use Guile instead of any other skill for one roll, provided there’s at least one other person in the scene who isn’t aware that you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

It Keeps Happening: Once per scene, when you’re being chased, you can declare that an obstacle appears in your path (like a fruit cart, two men carrying a sheet of glass, stairs, or anything else that fits in context). In addition to your action, you can roll Mobility to overcome this against Fair (+2) opposition. If you succeed, you get a boost. If you succeed with style, your roll can be used as a physical attack against your opponent with the obstacle. If you fail, your opponent gets a boost.

Oh No You Didn’t: If someone makes a deal with you and doesn’t uphold their end, you can place an aspect on them to represent that debt. You can invoke this aspect once per scene on any action taken to catch up or settle the score until you get paid, get payback or have a good reason to let them go. You can only place one of these aspects at a time.

The Big Red Button: You have a Big Red Button installed in your suit. Once per session, you can dramatically slam your fist onto the Big Red Button. Whatever action you are performing automatically gets the highest possible dice result, and if it’s a suitably dramatic moment, any defense roll against it cannot be invoked on.

Imperial Background: You have connections with the military of a certain nation. When you use Connect to create advantages, you can choose to make a failure a success at a cost, a tie a success, and a success a success with style. However, if you do so the person you find has the aspect Blind Patriotism towards the nation you are associated with.

Red Shirt: Your crew starts each adventure with a redshirt. This redshirt can take a single moderate consequence for you, your allies or your ship.