Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone! Since Jacob Randolph posted about it, I thought I’d explain what the deal with Inverse World Accelerated is.

As a playable game, it’s been done for a while now, and the others have been putting it through editing. Since then, a few other Fate games (like Atomic Robo) have come out, and they’ve made me rethink how I write Fate. So, I convinced Jacob to let me touch IWA up.

Most of it is tone. My older work tended to be a little technical and long-winded, but now I’ve decided things flow much better if I make it more conversational. For example, I had a few stunts based off an old post by Fred Hicks (“The Actual Dichotomy of Absolutes”) that went like this:

“When you [specific approach/overcome action here], you can’t fail. If the dice say you would have failed, you can succeed at a minor cost instead.”

All well and good, but check this out:

“When you [specific approach/overcome action], you can always choose to succeed at a minor cost.”

Same thing, less words. I can even expand on what that means in the section about what stunts do and the chapter’s still shorter and smoother.

So, a lot of the redo has been cleaning up what I already wrote so it looks less like I am a robot programmed to produce bad Fate hacks. The rest is mostly layout. When I originally wrote this, I stuck a quick Fate Accelerated primer at the front and followed that up with character creation, new stunts, and all the other new crunch. It all worked, but now I’ve just baked the Fate guide into the rest of the rules instead of cramming it into the front, and that’s smoother and shorter too.

So, that’s what’s been up. Thanks for your patience! With any luck, backers should be getting their copy (or at least a draft they can use) pretty soon.

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