Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

I’ve a question about the spell Polymorph.

The text of the spell states:

“Your touch reshapes a creature entirely, they stay in the form you craft until you

cast a spell. Describe the new shape you craft, including any stat changes, significant adaptations, or major weaknesses.”.

What do you mean for “stat”?

Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma (obviously).

The dice damage?

The armor?

The basis of hit points?

Or for “Stats” is intended the six stats (Strength, Dex ecc ecc) and nothing else?

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  1. I think “Stats” refers to the six stats, but it makes sense to look at damage dice and armour as well. Think of them as adaptations and weaknesses. If you became a horse you’d be unable to put on that plate armour or hold that wizard staff, right? I would look at the Druid playbook for reference to someone changing into a beast and variations on that. The change can cause debilities as indicated, like an inability to speak, weakness (- to STR) or similar? Or new abilities, like flight, a bear’s strength, a tail that is effectively a weapon with reach?

    Hit points are, for me, besides the point. If they become a small frog, a sword hit might just cleave them in two. Even a dagger could. If they became large enough, cuts and bruises won’t be as deep as normal and either do less damage or just be less significant in the narrative. An elephant would feel pain from a dagger, but seriously harming it would take much more effort or rather a more suitable weapon.

  2. This is completely NOT textbook, but for simplicity I think I might give the polymorphed player or GM creature a brand new stat block that looks just like a creature (none of the six stats or anything listed, but with armor, HP, moves, instinct.) Then note any general changes to the six stats (e.g. you are a lot dumber; have trouble not thinking like a mule). For the most part, I would use the fiction (since I chose a mule, let’s go with it) and just let them do things a mule could do without rolling. When any combat comes up they use the monster block. If they try to do a class move we, as a table, decide if a mule could do that. (For instance, can a mule cast a spell or do you need hands?) If a stat roll comes up, I’d use the character stats. If it’s one that has been ‘affected’ I would add an advantage or disadvantage die as appropriate. (Or you could just apply debilities to the affected stats, that’s much simpler.)

  3. Here’s another apocryphal thought. Chances are it won’t last long anyway, since the caster can’t cast another spell without disrupting the polymorph. So maybe just treat it like a Druid’s shapechange? Have the player roll for hold and give him a couple of moves. Add any debilities that the caster chooses and makes sense in the fiction.

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