Hi adventurers!

Hi adventurers!

Hi adventurers! I just wanted to say I’m translating the WoA 0.2 rules to Norwegian. That puts me in a unique spot where I can tailor the experience of newcomers to the hobby.

My favourite Dungeon World play books are the Fighter, Barbarian, Templar, Mage and Priest – I will adapt these to woa2 if necessary, but I am on the lookout for a Hunter type ranger with no animal, any improvement on the druid and variations on the Thief. I want a poisoner and assassin sort of thief with social and acrobatic skill, either separate from a lock picking trap breaking burglar type or in a playbook with options to accommodate both types. Do you fine lot have any suggestions?

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  1. This is a bit of a difficult question for me to interpret and unpack, so I apologise if I miss something. Please clarify if so!

    So, Worlds of Adventure is a hack of Dungeon World, with minimal rules changes to allow for maximum cross-play between the two rulesets. In it, there are the ten official Dungeon World Classes, some more distinct from the originals than others.

    As such, in WoA:

    ● The Fighter and Barbarian already exist, with few changes from their original versions.

    ● The Ranger provided emphasises Intelligence (to distinguish it from the Druid), and its animal companion is an optional component (you don’t have to take the advanced move that gives you one unless you want to).

    ● The Druid handles shapeshifting differently; instead of gaining the form’s moves and performing them with Hold, you gain the form’s instincts and you must resist them. Shapeshifting plays a smaller role in their abilities overall, too.

    ● The Thief seems to offer the diversity you’re looking for already, especially through its Roguish Talents.

    ● The Templar doesn’t have any direct comparisons, though some versions (as there do exist a few “Templar” playbooks) are closer to the existing Paladin class than others.

    ● The Wizard takes some notes from the Mage, and the Cleric from the Priest. I wouldn’t recommend playing them in the same games, but you should feel free to do so.

    I hope that helps Ståle Tevik!

  2. Cameron Burns Thank you very much, Cameron! I had barely looked at the WoA 0.2 Thief and you’re right. It’s just what I wanted. The Ranger is fine as is, I just assumed you had to have a companion, as I missed the advanced move. I assumed too much based on having played DW before. Thank you for pointing this out for me. Now I don’t have to do as much as I first intended.

    I will be adapting the Mage and Priest to get rid of the arbitrary spell lists of Wizard and Cleric as a matter of personal taste – the arbitrary spell lists are helpful to new players, but demystify the magic and restrict imagination about what magic can be.

    Your guide for adapting play books to WoA is very helpful!

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