Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

I’ve a question about the spell Polymorph.

The text of the spell states:

“Your touch reshapes a creature entirely, they stay in the form you craft until you

cast a spell. Describe the new shape you craft, including any stat changes, significant adaptations, or major weaknesses.”.

What do you mean for “stat”?

Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma (obviously).

The dice damage?

The armor?

The basis of hit points?

Or for “Stats” is intended the six stats (Strength, Dex ecc ecc) and nothing else?



Good Evening.

Me and my friend were talking about the ritual  of the Wizard.

I have used it only with the fiction. A typical request can be “I use a Ritual! I give the strength of the Titans to my friends!!”

Now my friend say: “I use the Ritual! I give to my friends +5 to the Strength rolls!”

It is possible? I always assumed that the player can talk just about the fiction, not about the mechanics.