Has anyone come up with custom moves to do mass combat in Dungeon World?

Has anyone come up with custom moves to do mass combat in Dungeon World?

Has anyone come up with custom moves to do mass combat in Dungeon World? Maybe a variation of the follower rules from Perilous Wilds?

I want to focus on the PCs and their actions, but I was thinking of having some moves to flesh out the general flow of the fight in the background.

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  1. Oh boy, yes! I was working on some Mass Combat rules for a con game last year but never played.

    Basically, inspired by Legend of the 5 Rings, the party would choose a General and the remainder would be Captains. The General sets the overall tone and outcome while the Captains get some spotlight on individual heroic actions. There’s some Hold economy as well as lite field positioning and troop management.

    If this sounds interesting, let me know.

  2. Here is my very rough draft of a DW Mass Combat procedure inspired by Legend of the Five Rings. Some of these thoughts are incomplete and some pieces definitely expect that you have L5R materials handy, especially for descriptive flavour.

    Putting this out there with comments enabled. Feel free to make notes or PM me. Know that I’ve put this in front of you as quickly as possible – incomplete, unedited, and without playtesting.

    Hope you find it interesting, at least.

    docs.google.com – Dungeon World – Custom Procedure for Mass Combat (Legend of the 5 Rings)

  3. Matthew G. This looks SUPER interesting. I really like the sound of “heroic opportunities.” I guess what I really want is a mechanic that abstracts the battle into the background and brings forward key moments where the PCs can make a difference.

    This is what you get in a movie and this is what I want at my table.

  4. You might mod the mass combat rules from Apocalypse World 2nd Ed. If it was me, I’d also throw in an idea from 7th Sea, 1st Ed: position.

    Choose where you’re fighting: In Front and in the thick of it, the Vanguard, still fighting, In Reserve, waiting for it, or Commanding, helping out the general (or being the general).

    If you are fighting Up Front, roll +STR. 10+, whatever and hold one Advantage. 7-9, take damage, or take extra to hold one Advantage. 6- take damage and hold one Disadvantage.

    If you are in the Vanguard, similar, +STR or +DEX with ranged, 10+ Advantage, 7-9, suffer for Advantage, 6-, suffer and Dis av.

    If you are in Reserve, you’re only figthing on 6-, no disadvantage.

    If you’re Commanding, roll +INT or +WIS or +CHA, 10+ Advantage, 7-9 neither, 6- Disadvantage.

    Depending on size of the battle, three, four, or five Advantage total is enough to win. Either cancel Advantages witrh Dis, or keep track of both. +5/-5 is a Phyrric victory, etc.

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