Hi, I’ve started a game of Dungeon World at work this week.

Hi, I’ve started a game of Dungeon World at work this week.

Hi, I’ve started a game of Dungeon World at work this week. One of my players chose the wizard class and said that they want to play as a demon that actually lost its real form and most of its powers and was forced to possess a small goblin to survive, which i thought was a fun idea so we rolled with it. The problem is that I’m a bit stuck on what would be an appropriate race move for a goblin wizard (or a demonically possessed goblin)? He wanted to be able to use his magic to be sneaky so I suggested the ability to control shadows somehow to help with that. for now I said that he takes +1 forward when trying to sneak around in shadows, but it doesn’t really sound like a good racial move to me and I also can’t find any goblin or demon wizard racial moves anywhere online.

Does anyone has a suggestion for an appropriate racial move?


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  1. Demon in Goblin’s Flesh

    Your jaws can unhinge, your teeth are ridiculously hard (and grow back quickly when they aren’t hard enough), and you can eat anything (like, anything, anything at all) and be unharmed.

    (I know this has nothing to do with using magic to be stealthy, but I’m really tickled by this idea of a goblin wizard that can just put like anything in his mouth and swallow it. Where does it go? Can he burp it back up? Can he, like, eat fire? An enchantment? What happens? I DON’T KNOW let’s find out.)

  2. Depending on how strong you want to make it, or the player’s conception of what exactly sneaky is, you could do something non-shadowy entirely, like:

    I Belong Here

    When someone questions your presence, confidently state the reason your presence is normal and expected, then roll +(some appropriate stat).

    On a 10+, they accept your statement and do not question you further unless you behave in ways that contradict your statement.

    On a 7-9, they accept you for now, but you must behave in a way that matches their expectations of your statement until you’re out of their sight.

    On a 6-, your statement is nonsense and they react accordingly.

  3. Ron Shier I didn’t realize invisibility is a level 1 spell. That might be the easiest way to go about it. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions though, these all could be awesome racial moves…perhaps for the next game 🙂

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