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  1. Purple Land Lure

    Solitary, Stealthy, Intelligent, Hoarder

    Bite (b[2d10+2] damage, messy)

    Close, Near

    12 HP 1 armor

    Special Qualities: Excellent judge of capacity

    The Purple Land Lure is a highly adapted predator. Although few people have ever seen one without a disguise, it is described as being short, bulky and toothy. Victims are often not aware when the creature has initiated an engagement with them. It deliberately selects targets based on its judgement of their ability to discern the situation. For that reason, it often looks for young, impaired or simple minded food. It will wait and watch for potential prey and devise a strategy.

    Purple Land Lures keep a variety of props and costumes including puppets, valuable trinkets, cups that might be mistaken for misplaced beverages, and flyers promising services not asked for in public places. Once the creature draws the victim to within a few paces of itself, it will strike with a very strong and sticky tongue. It can easily chew off anything it can pull into its mouth.

    Instinct: Feed on the easily fooled

    * Wrap them in a long sticky tongue

    * Offer something they want, take a part of them

  2. Puppet Muggins

    Group, Small, Stealthy, Devious, Terrifying

    (d6 damage, + 1 piercing); 6HP; 0 armor;

    Large steel teeth – Close, Messy

    Instinct: To capture humanoid children.

    Puppet Muggins were created by a young wizard who clearly was dealing with arcane powers beyond his abilities. No one knows what their original purpose might have been, but since escaping their creator’s control they have been found in small groups on the outskirts of populated areas.

    They have an ability to cast illusions that draw children close to them, appearing (to the child) to be some known adult. The puppet-like costumes they wear seem to contribute to the illusion in some way. The power of these illusions fades with the physical maturity of the viewer. Adolescent humanoids may or may not be affected, but adults seem to be immune.

    Once lured close enough, the child is grabbed by the puppet muggins, which will then lick the child’s hands and/or face. This puts the child into a sort of hypnotic trance which keeps them from performing any action except those communicated (somehow) by the creatures.

    The good news is that whatever the reason these creatures have for collecting children, they do not actively harm them. They simply lead them away to some hidden place where they are kept – who knows why.

    The bad news is that this is all they seem to do. They do nothing to care for or protect the children, who remain in a semi-catatonic state until rescued, and provide no further instructions for the children, so, if not found and rescued in a reasonable amount of time, those children may come to harm through simple neglect.

    Special Qualities: Their physical form, when not draped by the “puppets” they use to enhance their illusions, does not conform to the normal rules of the material plane and it is physically painful to look directly at them when uncovered.


    Create illusions that are effective against and attractive to humanoid children

    Control children and lead them away from civilization

    Attack adults who get near

  3. “Come down this dark alley and help me! I was beaten and robbed for my gold chains, and need you to come down this dark alley to render me assistance! Have mercy!”

  4. Imaginary Friend aka Imaginary Fiend

    Solitary, Tiny, Magical, Stealthy, Magical, Devious, Intelligent, Planar, Construct, Terrifying

    Foreboding sense of unease (d8 damage); 16HP; 4 armor;

    Hand, Ignores armor


    Sow fear and misunderstanding between children and adults.

    Special Qualities:

    Imaginary Fiends are demons that delight in breaking up families and destabilizing societies. They often appear to children as their favorite toys that can speak and interact with them. Adults may hear odd voices from another room or see the toys move out of the corners of their eyes, but when they investigate, and look at a Fiend directly, it appears as the toy again. At first the Fiend will always delight the child, but over time it will start to sow discontent between the child it is tormenting and the adults in the child’s life. It will try to make the child lose all faith and trust in adults and authority figures. It might do this by breaking or hiding objects from adults and making the child look guilty. Particularly devious fiends will whisper cruel plans into the child’s ear while it sleeps. If ever directly confronted, the Fiend will make itself known by its true form in the most terrifying way possible.


    Turn a child against an adult.

    Distract a adult when they should be paying the most attention for the sake of safety.

    Move unnaturally swiftly.

    Hide anywhere.

    Use the environment that it is in as its weapon.

    Prey upon your deepest fears.

  5. Logan Howard Thanks. Now I’m thinking of a custom move called the “Oh hai Mark!” move. I have no idea what it is, but know that I must create it. 😁

  6. Carnival Assassin (Solitary, Stealthy, Intelligent, Hoarder, Construct)

    Dagger (d10 damage) 10 HP 0 armor

    Close, Ignores Armor

    Special Qualities: Arcane Construct, Relentless

    An arcane construct of a bygone era the Carnival Assassin appears to be a heavily costumed character such as a clown or children’s street performer. It can shape shift to resemble any such costumed character. Created in a vat by supernatural ritual the Carnival Assassin exists only to kill its intended target, after which it dissolves back into the goo it was composed from in the first place.

    Instinct: Stab




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