Sorry if this has been asked before! :)

Sorry if this has been asked before! 🙂

Sorry if this has been asked before! 🙂

Just finished a Session 0-0,5 with a new group of (what seems to be) great players.

They started designing the space around them as a city of intrigue and politics that they seem really happy and excited to explore. As of now it seems as they will stay in the city and work up a revolution against a totalitarian priest caste.

All fine and great!

But it seems as many moves fall short when the adventure does not revolve around dungeons and questing adventures. Any pointers on where I can look for resources when running a cityscape Dungeon World campaign?

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  1. What sorts of moves are you looking for? What didn’t work for you?

    You should look into one of the many Labyrinth moves (Ray Otus made a nice one, I think).

  2. Hi Yochai Gal! Well, mostly the moves related to adventuring like: Undertake a Perilous Journey, Make Camp, Take Watch and so on.

    I’d like to find moves more related to navigating a city, like streetsmarts: seeing if you know the right people to help you with your troubles.

    Or something that makes your old animosities in the city resurface?

  3. And here’s my favorite scoundrel-esque move for “I know a guy”:

    When you think you know someone, someone who can help, name them and roll +CHA: on a 10+, they might take some convincing but, yeah, they can help; on a 7-9, they can help but pick 1 from the list below; on a miss, the GM chooses 1 and then some.

    * They still hold a grudge

    * They’re gonna need something from you first

    * They swore off this sort of thing long ago

    * They’re as greedy/sleazy/disloyal as it gets

  4. I had no problem running city adventures. Defy Danger CHA came up a lot. I have a actual play account, if you are interested in seeing how I ran a thieves game, also involved in being revolutionaries. I have a lot italicized or in parentheses, notes in the actual play, talking about what was happening at the table and what my thinking was… not simply a recounting of the fiction. – Intrigues of Parsantium- Dungeon World

  5. ~Definitely~ look up “Settlement Events” from the preview of Freebooters on the Frontier 2E by Lampblack & Brimstone. Also, if your PCs end up owning businesses or running establishments, let me know and I will post my rules for that.

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