Anyone used the Dread Jenga tower mechanic with DW?

Anyone used the Dread Jenga tower mechanic with DW?

Anyone used the Dread Jenga tower mechanic with DW? I’d love your advice if you have. I’m thinking I’d use the tower as a countdown for “things get *more” Lovecraftian” and do a pull any time anyone touches anything eldritch.

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  1. It’s an interesting thought. I would be careful about “double-dipping” though. It might work as a physical representation of grim portents. Whenever they roll a 6- you can, as the GM, make a hard move or ask them to pull a block from the tower and cite a portent of some kind. When the tower falls, the doom happens. Is that what you had in mind?

  2. I’d like to see where this goes. I wanted to try this exactly with my home group, but none of them wanted to try. My feeling is do both on a 6-… Hard move and Pull. Otherwise as a GM I’d be doing a little of both and (I think) the tower would take forever to fall… but I never go to try it!

  3. In my campaign, the BBEG was ripping stars out of the night sky and tossing them to the ground. The players could pull bricks to avoid the associated cataclysmic dangers, one for one from a list of about a half dozen. They could choose to pull a number of bricks to avoid all dangers or leave some bricks and suffer the remaining dangers. For example: “Your essence is laid bare to the psychic eye of Manzaehoon; the GM takes 1 hold against you”

    If the Tower fell, it basically advanced a campaign front and brought the direct attention of the BBEG. If the Tower stood, it continued as-is until the next night…

  4. Some players won’t care, but one issue is players who feel like they’ve worked towards a Dungeon World effective character who is now at the mercy of their clumsy fingers.

    I like the idea of some big grim portents comes to bear (instead of the character dying or getting into last breath), as Ray Otus mentions above.

    That said, i experimented with this during a Dungeon World campaign a while back. Here’s the details: – Dread session in a Dungeon World campaign

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