Me and my 7 year old Rose just played her first game of Dungeon World. We have played Ross Cowman’s Fall of Magic a bunch of times so she had a decent preexisting framework for collaborative story telling and worldbuilding.

She created a 9 year old Druid called Rose Klimmek from the Sapphire Islands. We had a great world building session (using Jason Lutes’ Perilous Wilds supplement) describing the Sapphire Islands, Rose’s family (including a family tree of grandparents, parents and siblings), rumors regarding where the mainland might be and if the people there can change shape or not.

One of the best concepts she came up with is that the Sapphire Islands is a small nation of Shapechangers, but the families from the smaller islands can only turn into one animal: Albatross Island, Clown Fish Island, Shark Island etc. Her family hails from Blue Heron Island, they’re the Royal Family and can change into any of the creatures that come from that land.

The opening scene was fun: all of the people from the other islands traveling from their own islands to Blue Heron island in animal form – families of dolphins and albatrosses transforming while emerging from the sea or landing on the docks.

The adventure we went on ended up being a flashback to when she was two, the story of the first time she changed shape into a bunny. Highlights: Chasing a Sapphire Monarch Butterfly, Falling out of a Tree, Turning into an Eagle, Getting to Have a Sleep-Over with Mongo the Clownfish Boy.

She is very keen to play again! L

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  1. Hehe, thanks guys! Yeah, she is pretty great 😉 I changed some of end session xp triggers to better suit what she wants to do in the game (she’s not too keen on fighting, or too much danger in general). So, she got xp for “Did you have a fun game?” and “Did you make a new friend?” alongside the regular “Did we learn something new about the world?”.

  2. My 7 year old son plays Druid from the sapphire isles. He really took to it when I let him him have the sapphire isles be a lost world with dinosaurs.

  3. Greg Jones Haha. Rad! It is quite an evocative name – might need to to have some dinosaurs in our next session 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Andrew Huffaker! Watched the little video of you and your kid playing, it’s great! This is the small write up i mentioned on your other post 🙂

  5. G. Ralph Kuntz, MD & Greg Jones We just had our second session. Found a lost island with dinosaur shapeshifters. Rose rode on The Matriach Brontosaurus Thundarina’s back, learned how to shift into brontosaurus form, and then her and her companion the Clownfish boy found their way home using the Tricksy Compass gifted to her by Thundarina. Thanks for the dinosaur ideas guys, she loved it!

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