12 thoughts on “Is Dungeon World out of print?”

  1. I got my copy from IPR a few years ago, and another player in my game got one from IPR a few months ago—so we’re not in an emergency.

    I’m vaguely aware that Sage Kobold has some arrangement with Burning Wheel Games, and I wondered if it entails printing it anew.

  2. I was on my phone, so posted a short response. You can contact IPR and BWHQ to see if they’re just out of stock, and usually they’ll let you know when they look to get them back in stock if indeed they just ran out of the books they have on hand.

  3. There’s a new printing on the way. We had to do some reworking of the master files (my apologies to Luke and Dro at BWHQ for what a pain that was) so it took a bit longer than expected. But AFAIK we’ve signed off on the soft proof now and will have more on the way.

  4. It won’t be significantly different in layout. There are a few small differences in word wrap and some art contrast improvements, but overall the goal was to keep printing the same game.

    Someday we may do a larger revision, but I don’t know if that will happen.

  5. Sage LaTorra, since I cite pages numbers all the time lately, I’m curious: Do the word wrap changes result in any known changes in the placement of content relative to page numbers?

    To clarify my comment about wider margins: I love the layout overall, my eyes just want a little more whitespace around the sidebar notes on pages that have them.

    But I’m delighted to know more copies are on the way. Cheers!

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