*Looking for a Compedium Class: Prophet of Drontok the Thunderous.

*Looking for a Compedium Class: Prophet of Drontok the Thunderous.

*Looking for a Compedium Class: Prophet of Drontok the Thunderous.

Need Ideas*


I play the “Plague of Storms” Campaign[1], and have a player that 6- on examining the Temple/Altar aof Drontok the Thunderous, a Impulsiv Storm god.

I like the idea to make him a prophet of this god. (those who know the campaign, know what this means. 🙂

This is what is known about Drontok:


He is the lord of thunder and physical exertion, the berserker who wades into battle with a song on his lips, the involuntary shout of an athlete who pushes themselves to their limit, the storm that throws down trees and capsizes ships. Singing and wrestling are sacred to him, and his holy word is engraved on huge tablets of stone that the uninitiated struggle to lift.

Domain: Bloody Conquest

Precepts: Drontok favours those who prove themselves strong. (Add Petition: Personal Victory)

Boons Granted: Drontok will grant his priests visions of treasures which they will have to

overcome physical challenges to claim, a brief burst of supernatural strength when they need it most, or will occasionally send gryphons to aid them in battle or travel.

When you travel on or by the Silver Ocean, you can always catch enough fish to eat – you don’t need to consume any rations when you make camp or undertake a perilous journey.

[1]: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/144661/Plague-of-Storms


9 thoughts on “*Looking for a Compedium Class: Prophet of Drontok the Thunderous.”

  1. And the back.

    You’d likely need to rework a couple of the consequences; for the bond-with-the-NPC, it could just be that someone who’s opinion you value now is scared of you. For the last one, you could just drop the mechanical stuff (since I assume you’re not using #Stonetop’s steading management moves, which is where this comes from).


  2. My advice: don’t make a CC out of it. Just give it to him! The initial set of powers is as much curse as it is benefit. And the fun of these kinds of magic items is the slow(ish), organically driven development.

    Like, if it was a CC, it’d just be stuff he gets to pick as he levels up. But with this, he unlocks the power as he does stuff with it and as he triggers the consequences.

  3. i will read it this evening. i Think you are right.

    It was a 6- so there is not much to choose. And if it is a curse and a boon it will be all right.

  4. Correct. Consequences only happen when you roil with anger and roll a 6-.

    Each “box” next to a consequence is a one-time event. So you can suffer the first 3 consequences two times each, but the remaining consequences are one-off events.

    Looking at this more carefully, I should probably add a consequence like “From now on, whenever you roil with anger, a storm begins to form in your area (and if you roll a 6-, it’s really bad).” I.e. a sort of “final” consequence that means the PC is basically hounded by storms forever.

  5. hi Jeremy Strandberg, i am back with some feedback.

    Yesterday the player unlocked the STORM’S FURY move.

    He is totally blasted. He instantly catch the first consequence and burns the Group more than the enemy with the lightnings sparking from his body.

    And we still wait for the moment when the Party Discover what a Stormlord is and that on of them is among them.

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