I’ve just released my minimal GM companion pack!

I’ve just released my minimal GM companion pack!

I’ve just released my minimal GM companion pack! This is my the first release of my ongoing attempt to make the average GMs life a lot easier! This consolidates the most common info into one convenient booklet, with some handy minimal handouts to give to players (and other materials!)


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  1. Included –

    – GM Companion booklet: an 8 page minimal booklet containing GM principles, moves, damage info, basic moves, special moves, tags, weapon & gear info, hireling info, and NPC creation tools (names, knacks, and instincts)

    – Player Handouts: Answer their questions before they need to ask them! Tags, gear & weapon info, basic and special moves!

    – Minimal Mapping: B&W map printouts with both Hexgrid and dot matrix layouts.

    – GM Workbook: A foldable minimal notebook with space for – Player notes, World and Location notes, NPC & Monster notes, 2 Fronts with 2 Dangers apiece, space for 7 monsters / NPCs and stats / moves, 1 page of dot-matrix grid, which can be used for many purposes (one favorite of mine: outline squares equal to a monsters HP. Damage gets colored in, giving a quick visual reference and keeping it quantifiable) I plan to heavily update this in the future based on your feedback! Please let me know how you use it / don’t use it.

    – Character Creation Handouts: These are meant to be printed, double sided, then cut in half and passed around. I scoured the DW & RPG community for Name, Look, Drive, Flag, Bond, and Background suggestions, then consolidated them into these handouts!

  2. I’ve purchased all of your Sentinel Sheets products so far and I love them! This one is going to sit next to me when I work on my zine. It’ll make a quick reference when I need a reminder.

  3. Logan Howard Thanks so much for the kind words and support! Glad that this could be useful. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions!

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