Ceffylwraig (Horse Wife)

Ceffylwraig (Horse Wife)

Ceffylwraig (Horse Wife)

solitary, large, cautious, organized, magical, spirit

HP 20, Armor 0

Kicking hoofs: [w]2d8+3 (hand, close, forceful)

• Manifest as a majestic, beautiful horse

• Slip free of any restraint

• Guide the herd like it was a single living entity

• Curse someone with wild, unbridled emotions

Instinct: to be fiercely independent

A herd of wild horses has a life, nay, a spirit all its own, a spirit as free and fickle as the wind. Take care, you who would poach wild horses for your own purpose, lest you find your heart turned against you!

Something interesting: A ceffylwraig sees herself more as queen than wife: proud and haughty, disdainful of the weak and the slow, the herd her subjects more than her children

Something useful: a ceffylwraig is scornful and suspicious of praise or fancy words, but can be appeased by thoughtful gifts, offered with appropriate respect from proud women of noble bearing

What sort of gift do the ceffylwraig most value?

What sort of gift will do in a pinch?


8 thoughts on “Ceffylwraig (Horse Wife)”

  1. Well, if stick to Welsh pronunciation, I think it’s something like KAY-ful-oo-RIEG (like “ride” but ending in a g).

    Personally, I’d mispronounce is “KEF-el-rag” (or maybe “-wrag”).

  2. This is excellent.

    Of course, it makes me think of “Chestnut Mare” by the Byrds, one of the strangest songs they ever wrote. A song that seems sweet at first glance, and then you listen to the lyrics and you go “ummm, wut?”

    I’m going to catch that horse if I can

    And when I do I’ll give her my brand

    And we’ll be friends for life

    She’ll be just like a wife

    I’m going to catch that horse if I can

    youtube.com – The Byrds – Chestnut Mare

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